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  1. Hibro

    Finally purchased a 520nm diode green laser. Can’t wait for it.

    I have been thinking of getting a 520nm to my collection for a long time. The main reason stops me from doing this because I already own a few 532s and I don’t want to spend too many similar thing. After seeing my friend’s 520s I decided to get one for myself because 520s actually look more...
  2. Hibro

    Still thinking on getting a 520nm......

    I own a few 532nm already but I am quite curious on 520nm still thinking of getting one or not. Is there a huge different between two?
  3. Hibro

    DIY LPM Not working properly. Need help finding problem.

    So I bulid my LMP according to this thread: http://laserpointerforums.com/f42/diy-thermal-lpm-under-50-a-51129-3.html I have two laser to calibrate the LPM one is my LAZERER mini 50mW green laser (metered 67mW) and 1320mw blue laser borrowed from my friend. (Both metered by my friend's...
  4. Hibro

    Hello World :)

    This is Luis from Spain. I am currently studying in US. I apologized if my English is not god enough. Very excited to be a member here. Just want to say hello to everyone here. :D Luis