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  1. J


    Re: 2 MEAN GREENIES! THEY BURN! MAKE OFFER! I've got a 5mw red I usually use for kitty play, but I swear when I have the True30 Green out, I have to hide from them or they still try to attack the dot. Do they make lasershades for pets? *lol*
  2. J

    Moderate Green laser(visable beam) reccomendation

    Re: Moderate Green laser(visable beam) reccomendat I'll second the reconmendation on the Tru30 @ DealExtreme. Got mine a few weeks ago and love it. Beam is highly visible at night, visible during day in a darker room. Even slightly visible outside when really dark clouds have it looking like...
  3. J

    Kiplay's at it again! This time - BluRay!

    I can't say I agree with his tutorials... Electronics can be sensitive little beasties and they need all the protection you can provide for them. But I have to admit, it was his MiniMag tutorial that got me googling "Burning Lasers", and thus brought me here, to discover the RIGHT way to go...
  4. J

    not quite enough to cut it in half.

    So tell me a little more about what you're using to burn that WITH :) Also, love the CVS Camcorders. Great, cheapie video units, they are.
  5. J

    DIY Laser Torch - 323mA! - Wow!

    I'm interested to see how long the diode survives this much power ^_^;;
  6. J

    The "Kip-Kay laser hack"?

    +1 .. Good man to deal with. Hundreds of satisfied customers will vouch for him on here, I'm sure.
  7. J

    Another LD to an early grave

    This was completely new news to me. Still working thru the "teach yourself electronics from what you find on the net" class I've been taking :) I figured the cap protection would be enough to keep the diode safe from any sort of surge that would result from a accidental clip disconnect. It's...
  8. J

    DX Greens

    This is almost identical to what I did. Ordered a DX True 30, and built a MXDL red burner from a Senkat Diode ;) Now, I'm putting plans together for a larger, heatsinked benchtop red burner with adjustable power and serious cooling. *Evil Laughter*
  9. J

    TEC cooled Labby FINALLY done!

    Love that clear enclosure.. What's the LCD... Power meter or Temp? Or both?
  10. J

    Dim DX True 30mw

    I got my DX True30 about 2 weeks ago. Other than the switch becoming more "rattly" with time, I've noticed only a slight drop in light output over time.. I've been assuming it's due to batteries weakening. First day out of the box with the batteries new, it popped a sharpied balloon at about...
  11. J

    RPL laser "dual beam" issue = wasted power demo

    Re: RPL laser "dual beam" issue = wasted power dem Aye.. I've always wanted my own laser-burned tattoo ;)
  12. J

    RC Toys?

    I've got a couple of the Air Hogs AeroAces... Great little foam airplanes with proportional stearing. I've got the "Jet" and the "Biplane" versions. Also have a mini coptor and a few cars. I'm a toy nut ^_^;
  13. J

    DX True 30mw Popping Balloons?

    I've popped sharpied balloons with my DX30 green with no assistance. Takes a few seconds, but pretty impressive for a 30mw
  14. J


    Finally got my True 30 Green pointer from Dealextreme yesterday. I'm in love ^_^; Build quality feels great. Button is nice, tight and crisp. It puts out an amazing amount of light. And even pops balloons (with a black sharpie target drawn on). No matches in the house to test with yet.. But...
  15. J

    Very first red laser build... IM A NOOB!

    *whew* Looks like I was lucky at guessing on the + and - sides of my Cap. No boom, but lots of pretty red light! I just built my first burner too. Finally got time last night after the kids were in bed to tinker in the garage and see what I could make happen. Used Daedel's MXDL Torch guide and...
  16. J

    Fun, impractical, uses for lasers!

    Forget microwave ovens.. Let's make laser ovens. Laser shaver Laser lawn mower Laser hedge trimmer Laser table saw... Pretty much any garage cutting implement.. ad laser to the name.
  17. J

    Real Phaser

    I've been reading on these forums for a few weeks now, and I kept asking myself "Why hasn't anyone put a laser in a toy lasergun and made 'the real thing'?? " Great to see someone finally did it. I think I've still got one of the Star Trek TNG Type 2 phasers in my parent's attic somewhere among...
  18. J

    Very first red laser build... IM A NOOB!

    www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1186966870 Daedal's laser torch is what I'm building ;) Edit *link Fixed* Kenom
  19. J

    5w Green laser show. Any value? (now with photos)

    Re: 5w Green laser show. Any value? (now with phot 3 phase would be worth it... 5 w.. Mmmmm... Wonder how far away it would light a match ;)
  20. J

    New Group Buys Scheduled for next week !

    SenKat.. We love you ^_^;