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    TREVOR very honest guy

    Yep, I live in Midland, nice in the summer for 4 months. then not to nice. But its fun shinning a laser in a snow storm.
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    TREVOR very honest guy

    I sent TEVOR a nice laser with no money down, and he paid me right after recieving it. Even though I didnt pack it to good, and it took a couple of bumps. thanks alot, mokman
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    Jet PLC 200mw green for sale

    Trevor I will send it out tommorow, Thanks alot
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    Jet PLC 200mw green for sale

    I will refund your money if you return it in same condition in a week.If you dont like it for any reason. it has tight beam and runs steady with no beam movement its a steal at $120.00 let me know .It wont be here long
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    Jet PLC 200mw green for sale

    here is a couple pics (hopefully) new at this
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    Jet PLC 200mw green for sale

    here is a pichttp://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/218/jet3001.jpg/
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    Jet PLC 200mw green for sale

    SOLD TO TREVOR. THAT WENT QUICK Jet laser plc green 532nm 200mw. only used about 1 hour with 2keys, charger and 1 18650 battery and tail disconect plug. I paid $320.00 only want $120.00 free shipping. If you want a picture, pm me your email address and I can send you a couple. cant figure out...
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    Cylindrical correction optics for 445, 638

    On the first post in this thread, Dr lava has a link (get lenses here) so 1-30-2011 I orderd a set and they came in about 5 days. they are sure nice! thank you DR Lava. I don,t know how many are left, but I would try it, if you need any. mine are going on my JayRob 445nm L2P. Also, lazybeam If...
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    First Laser

    Welcome to the Forum Matt, Your at the right place, Your question might be more of what type you need .If you get one That runs on rechargeble lithium batteries they usually run a little more steady and don.t quite dim as much, like aa batts . at least for me. and can save you money by...
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    I need assitiance..does anyone know how to stop someone multi posting on my favorite forum ?
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    I don't think dragonlady151 likes lasers very much
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    That would work good, Also. If you really want to get back at them. I would get a laser multi beam disrupter, they only cost about $10.00 at wallmart, hope that helps
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    what do you mean. a punk kid or a rude person shining it at your house?
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    Introducing Radiant Electronics and the Radiant Alpha Power Meter

    Mario, you say almost ready.maybe tonight? I guess time to make alot of coffee
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    Jet Lasers

    JetLasers.net is their company site,where gray works at. however they don't list any prices on that site. you have to email them.I'm not sure about the .org site. that could be them too or a retailer for them. hope that helps
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    Laser Review: Boblaser.com 700mW 532nm Handheld Laser

    Probably thats where rayfoss gets that model also.I'm glad you did this review,I was thinking about buying one, I like the host, but they sure use alot of glue.I'm sure some are better than others. after you put an ir filter on it let us know thanks
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    Laser Review: Boblaser.com 700mW 532nm Handheld Laser

    Re: Laser Review: Rayfoss style 700mW 532nm Handheld Laser Nice review. also i'm 99% sure it was made by bob laser company.
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    A-140 gb! CLOSED.

    Mines in a Lp2 also. I used the microflex set at around 1490mah. And it runs really good
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    RPL Blue 30mW

    405 does, I'm still kinda A newbe Thanks
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    FS: Laser Parts

    Flaminpyro, Recieved my wire and flux. Very nice wire, Anybody who wants the best wire needs to try this stuff awsome! I also tried out the flux today, on my 445 build. I just touched the solder iron to to the wires and presto perfect job. that flux works super good! thanks Alot Great stuff