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    Lost my holster :(

    Hi all, Iv lost my damn holster for my c6 laser. I got it with the host i orderd from mohgasm, does anyone know (or could link me to one please) Thanks guys! Dave.
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    First laser vid!

    This is my first ever laser vid so apologies if it is crap lol. Also i created a DIY smoke machine :D.... well kinda;) 1.5W+ Laser - YouTube
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    My first build

    Finally completed my c6 build. M140 diode and moh driver at 1.62A no idea what power it is but it is insane! MUCH more powerful than my green laser. I just have a question. The diode and driver is heat sinked but the laser gets quite warm after about 30 secs, is this normal? Cheers guys. Dave
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    Battery question...

    I am in the process of a C6 1.62A build and after some good batts for it. Moh suggested the AW IMR CR123's, i was wandering if Purple TR 16340 / CR123A 3.7V 1000mAhRechargeable Lithium Battery (2-pack) - Detailed item view - OdicForce Lasers Online Shop these would work the same? And also would...
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    Diy focus lens

    I was bored today so i was playing around with my new laser, I had a lens from an old microscope that i had years ago (no idea why i kept it) so i decided to shine my laser through it to see what it would do :whistle: It created a focused beam! I chopped the lens module in half and filed down...
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    Mw testing

    I was wandering what you guys use to test the mw output of your lasers and were to get one from? Cheers ;)
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    Battery charging

    I have just got my new laser which i have charged, it has a trustfire 18650 battery and has 333mw power, I was wandering when i should next charge is? Do i have to wait for it to run out fully before a recharge? Soz for the noob question and thanks for any advice! Dave
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    My first laser over 5mw

    Received my new laser from OFL. 280-300mw but tested at 333mw :) its IR filtered to which is cool and already been shouted at by the wife for burning a hole through her cd case! Hehe. I have ordered a pair of eagle OFL52 glasses... expensive but you cant really put a price on your eyes!
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    After a burning laser in the uk

    As the title suggests i am after a powerful laser as to relive a childhood fantasy hehe. I live in the uk so does anyone know anywhere i can get one? Or maybe some one selling one? Cheers Dave
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    Hi from the uk

    Just a small hello from the uk. I'v been interested in lasers for most of my life. I use them for astronomy and for presentations, but now i want one for fun! Hopfully i can find one on here or at least get some good advice ;)