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  1. T

    Anyone know a trustworthy seller on AliExpress by any chance?

    Hey man. I’m In israel, and Im interested in a blue 445-450nm with at least 1.6W (I’m not ruling out a 2W or a 3W model), and in a green 532nm with at least 200mw (preferably 500mw). Regarding the CNI store: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/UjB5QaVoJ As an experienced member, how does it look...
  2. R

    A Guide To Buying Your First Green Laser

    Awesome guide. I need it.
  3. Alaskan

    Osram PL530 - Tiny 530nm OPSL

    Regarding the PL530, the LPF price I was offered from the seller in Seattle (if I buy some this week, not sure he will offer them that low later) was 10 dollars each, if buying a full pack of 50 or more. Good price compared to this listing on ebay, but of course, total cost much more if you...
  4. 1up

    First Laser Build - Using Module

    Been busy.....and after buying my first lasers, decided to progress into making my own laser. Started off with a Maplin Laser The Maplin housing is fairly robust and 12mm inside diameter. Next step was to find a suitable module, and found a UK site 12mm Green Dot Laser Modules and bought...
  5. hakzaw1

    New member in Utah. Hello, and merry christmas.

    Welcome and thanks for the great intro... more newcomers should do as you did. In some cases (like ebay) sellers put 5mW but that is because of ebay rules. SOME of the '300' series are pretty crappy but others are not made in the same place and are fairly good. A big plus is the 18650 batts...
  6. hakzaw1

    ADD 505nm & 515nm greens to your collection for less than $60-$hip free add ac/dc get PLUGPLAY

    While both of these COULD be made into 'porta-labbys' AND DOI have tiny footprint.. these are NOT Penpointers nor do they make a good small flashlight build. Possible in maglite build. 3 or 4 18650s The advantages include no rest cycling-100% duty-and thus a longer lifespan. and an end to...
  7. M

    New Laser Fan

    "5 in 1 100mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Pen Black" That's what the product was called that I ordered. Got cheap feeling not so bright Laser that doesn't go far aaand not gonna order from there
  8. Immo1282

    New Laser Fan

    Hi - I'm not a "veteran" but can try to help anyway. It would be helpful if you let us know your rough location as laws on buying/building/using lasers differ from place to place. LaserPointerPro is a pretty unscrupulous website who have a reputation round here for taking cheaply mass-produced...
  9. hakzaw1

    green lasers wanted!!

    Youbetcha. here is what you do.. the mag glass upper right corner is the search--I put 'wanted green laser 50mW' & here is what I (and you )got back ..take your pic , friend. https://laserpointerforums.com/search/12462/?q=buying+green+laser+50mW&o=date OK you are helped--ready to pay that...
  10. 1up

    Planning First Build Project.

    Ok..... e.g 50mW Green Laser Module (Spring and Wire Connections) Or 50mW Green (520nm) Adjustable Focus Direct Diode Dot Laser Module 3V (12mm) Odicforce also have some handy newb info Building a Laser Module - Guide to Assembling our Module Kits And to start, nice and cheap! I'm...
  11. rebane2001

    Question about showlasers

    Hi! This is my first time using this forum so I hope I got everything right Anyways, I'm considering buying a ILDA RGB showlaser from Aliexpress with 500mW of advertised power (Red-650nm@300mW / Green-532nm@50mW / Blue-450nm@150mW) I know that a 500mW laser pointer itself is quite dangerous...
  12. P

    Clear skies to you

    Welcome SmallFreak! I love astronomical viewing! AstroRB: K RB Astro Fabulous shot! May I ask a few off the main topic questions? Do you use a tracker? How many shots did you stack? I was reasearching trackers for Astro Photog when I stumbled into the Laser habit. Put off my purchase. I'll...
  13. RB astro

    help choosing a decent entry level astronomy laser pointer

    Hi Simon, You need to be very careful because as was stated by the other members, Australia has very tough laws on lasers. Anything over 1mW is considered an illegal weapon (as mentioned). Also to own and use one (a 1mW laser) you need to have a valid reason such as Astronomy and thus need to be...
  14. Richie89

    New 2 in 1 duel wavelength from LPS.com

    Hello everyone, I have a new laser I wanna review and give some credit to laserpointerstore.com Especially a thank you to Tommy and Emily for keeping me informed on shipping progress. Ordered March 2nd - 3-2-18 Arrived at my house 3-14-18 12 days from order date. I believe that is actually a...
  15. RA_pierce

    Help in buying appropriate lasers

    If you must, I would recommend you use a low power 1-5mW green laser and find a way to enhance visibility a closed area (so that your equipment isn't affected). If you do use fog, it may have some effect on the study animals so you will have to consider what is the best way to increase...
  16. E

    LPM'd Ebay Laser's Coming Back

    Optotronics is a whole different higher quality product from $2 eBay pens---so is not the same at all. OK got it. I still do not see any real point. All of the lasers you listed have output in the ranges indicated so all you will be doing is checking if it is DOA or not mostly. Getting a LPM...
  17. brendon7358

    LPM'd Ebay Laser's Coming Back

    Re: LPM Ebay Laser's Coming Back I apologize for my acronyms. LPM: Laser Power Meter LPM'd: Lasers tested for power (laser power metered) The point is you get lasers with a known output for cheaper than you would otherwise. It's like how optotronics sells pens for exorbitantly high prices...
  18. Av8tor

    Jetlasers Pl-e Pro 532nm 300mW!! Cream Factor-10! *Pic-Heavy*

    Hello LPF! As promised here is my second review, however todays tent-pitching Beauty is... Well as some of you know, my laser virginity was taken by the Pl-E Mini 405nm 300mW laser (She's petite, but boy is she quick to please) from Jetlasers on May 22nd and before even receiving her sweet...
  19. Av8tor

    Jetlasers Pl-E Mini 405nm 300mW Review - Lots of Pictures

    Hello, as some of you know I am new to LPF and am loving the community here. I signed up when I ordered my first two lasers (not pointers) from Jetlasers, however I am going to write two separate reviews so they may be easier to find for people interested in the different models. Let's start...
  20. E

    Is this 400mW 532nm Green laser legit?

    Yes and down below in the specs is says Output power: >350MW --both have to be typos and they mean >350mW. They offer one as a 500mW for $37 more that has pretty decent looking specs, TEM00, >450mW, Duty cycle: 100 seconds on/60 sec off See: High Power 500mW 532nm green laser torch /crystal...