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    DPSS vs Solide State Lasers !

    Dear all, I have a question about the caractersitics of lasers vs the nature of the laser. I have the choice between two green lasers 532nm, one is DPSS the other is Solide state. Please, can you help me to decide whch one si the best. especially about the laser stability, lifespan, laser...
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    Dear all, I am looking for a hight quality 532nm Laser with real power of 50mW. I need a bandwidth of less than 0.5nm all the lasers i got on ebay or any where else are deceiving, as the line is really broad and the power @ 532 is really low (when i filter only the line @ 532nm) i was shocked...
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    DJ532-40 of Thorlsbs

    Dear all ! I tried several diode lasers from ebay ... but i al almost upset ... the laser bandwidth is to large. I read about the DJ532-40 greeb laser diod of 40mW from Thorlabs. It seems that it has really 40mW and this power is really at 532nm is there some one who has tried it before? is...
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    LPC-836 Red diode laser (660 nm)

    Dear all, I have a LPC-836 laser diode, but i can't get it's datasheet, please: - Is there any one who can help me getting this datasheet? - what is the best current to use it in a continus mode (20mn or even 1 hr in continous). will i need a heatsink? all the best amayas