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    Burning Mosfets, could use advice.

    So I have an S06J 405nm diode and driver from DTR. Works great. I'm trying to hook it up to my CNC machine for engraving. Here's the circuit I'm using. I have both this switch circuit and the diode running off of a 5v wall wart power supply with plenty of power. When I test this on the bench...
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    Preliminary engraving, better than expected.

    Per your advice I purchased a 405nm laser. I got the module, driver and G2 lens from DTR. He has been extremely helpful. So far it's just mounted in an aluminum bar and clamped to my router. I can only manually adjust the focus and have no ability to turn it on and off outside of...
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    Advice needed on diode module for wood marking.

    I have no experience with lasers but would like to add a laser to my large format cnc for engraving/marking wood. This would definitely be hobbyist level, I have no illusions on using it for production work. I would like to be able to engrave on lighter colored wood like maple. I would need a...