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  1. Z

    Effects of a class 2 red laser on peripheral vision?

    Because it's under the LASER SAFETY thread so obviously somebody might have a good knowledge of the subject🤦🏽‍♂️ and I'm asking about peripheral vision in this post not a reflection like the last one
  2. Z

    Effects of a class 2 red laser on peripheral vision?

    Hey guys just wondering can a laser still damage your retina/eyesight if it's in your peripheral vision on the side of you shining at your eye and not focused directly in your eye? I had a stupid coworker standing to my right pointing a class 2 scanner towards me and after like 5 seconds I...
  3. Z

    Eye damage from 1mW 630nm red laser?

    Hey guys so at my job I use a class 2 barcode scanner rated at 1mW 630nm red to check out customers. I was wondering if looking at the diffuse reflection reflected off the paper, the cross shape, for a couple of seconds could possibly damage the retina? What do y'all think? Please let me know as...