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  1. bdgreenb

    The Golden Company: LPF's Compendium of the Rare Yellows, from Chartreuse to Amber.

    yeah man! Finally got a 561nm, not sure what the heck happened in china, but these new easily obtainable wavelengths are the bees knees
  2. bdgreenb

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    what power source are you using for each diode? If amperage is fine, it may be the voltage. How is everything hooked up?
  3. bdgreenb

    New build!! 1w 520nm with 0.13 mrad

    awesome work Trinh! thanks for sharing your build. I have had a pair of 6x sitting here for over a year... i'll get to them someday :P
  4. bdgreenb

    Sharp 185mW GH0631IA2G 638nm Laser Diode

    thanks jordan! picking one up soon. love a handsome little diode i can throw an lm317 on. Just got a bunch of leadlight pens too. purrrrfect
  5. bdgreenb

    600mw 520nm Sanwu Pocket.

    That little guy is awesome. And here I thought my 490nm AAA build was a PITA. Well done!
  6. bdgreenb

    Hello from Gold Country

    Welcome vpierceiii! Sounds like you're in the right place. CA native here as well
  7. bdgreenb

    The Little Diode That Could

    Thanks for the update! I was actually telling someone about this a little while ago. Four more years!
  8. bdgreenb

    485nm PLT5-488 Review

    Re: 485nm PLT5-488 Half-Review (to be continued tomorrow) That thing is a slam dunk! Can't wait to see more pics, especially next to your other wavelengths. My monitors really crap out at this part of the spectrum. I tried shining my "480" at the ceiling and using the reflection behind my comp...
  9. bdgreenb

    Re: new Sharp 495nm diode(after testing it confirmed just 488nm)

    Re: new Sharp 495nm diode drool! that is one hunk of a laser beam. I need to see that in person! It looks like a full on scifi movie prop
  10. bdgreenb

    Custom 594 pen

    You are a braver man than I! Well done!
  11. bdgreenb

    Re: new Sharp 495nm diode(after testing it confirmed just 488nm)

    Re: new Sharp 495nm diode Holy smokes. Good thing I just got a new job. Subbing hard. As always I will remain cautiously optimistic to avoid weeks crying in the dark :P
  12. bdgreenb

    480.2nm Build

    Sweet build Z! I'm super jelly of that host. Built mine into a hammond box with a doorbell for the fire button :P I love this diode. I'm gonna get some pics of my build up soon. And Paul... What in the huh?! USPS has it out for you man. Best of luck.
  13. bdgreenb

    505nm and 480nm diode RESULTS

    Im loving the color of this "480" diode, but just like in badboybilly's pic, I'm getting a nuts amount of back reflection(i can't think of the term we use for the little square :P long week). I'm using one of those full spectrum G lenses. Anyone have better luck taming this beast with a...
  14. bdgreenb

    BobMc's Laser Museum

    i recognize a couple of these :D the mini 445 looks awesome with that knurled focus knob.
  15. bdgreenb

    505nm and 480nm diode RESULTS

    Owwwwie! Happy to see new wavelengths popping up and bridging that 470-515 gap. Thanks for taking the bullet on these guys. Looking forward to more data. :gh:
  16. bdgreenb

    505nm diode?

    Thanks for doing this Rich! As always, I will wait to see the results, but am excited nonetheless :D
  17. bdgreenb

    My Monster 6+ watt Laser Build Has Started !

    In Turkey it was a full on call to prayer over super throwback high treble speaker systems. The sound still haunts me... Or his stalker finally caught up with him!
  18. bdgreenb

    Please help! :)

    What battery are you using? If they are running properly in parallel they all should be running about the same. It's possible 3 were just over the threshold with the last being just under. Charge your bats and get back to us
  19. bdgreenb

    Verde Volcano - A Dual Diode Build 520nm 2600 mW Optical Corrected With 10x Linos BE

    would you mind pointing that west? I would love to see the beam :P AWESOME build! +rep
  20. bdgreenb

    My multiline argon - video!

    welcome to the club! My Ar-ion has been my favorite laser since day 1. Awesome video!