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  1. KapHn8d

    The three blues in misty night.

    very nice! /c
  2. KapHn8d

    Nifty timelapse of big lasers

    Mauna Kea Heavens 2 4K - Gfycat I thought this was really cool. I haven't visited this observatory in Hawaii, but according to the dude that made the timelapse, the lasers are like 15W. Check out his write-up here: Sean Goebel Photography: Timelapse Oh, and sorry if this was already posted...
  3. KapHn8d

    Chewy center of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex

    I was making a wider field color image with some hydrogen-alpha narrowband data mixed in. I imaged the Ha first (this image) and then the green and blue channels. When I was setting up for the red channel, clouds rolled in and I had to pack up for the night. I decided to try and just substitute...
  4. KapHn8d

    Chewy center of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex

    Click for larger image. There is a section of space in the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex called Barnard’s Loop (Sh 2-276) that contains the dark Horsehead and bright Orion nebulae. This image is more or less the “center” of the loop. The stars within the Orion Nebula (on the right) are believed...
  5. KapHn8d

    Orion Photograph

    This is where a motorized equatorial tracking mount will really help out. The key to AP is signal to noise ratio... you want as many subs as you can reasonably get with as little noise as possible per sub. The length per sub helps with "depth" of subtle details like nebulosity/dustiness...
  6. KapHn8d

    moar Space...

    Thanks, fellas... it's all "work in progress". /c ps. it's amazing how useful a nice handheld laser is when doing this sort of photography during the alignment stage of setting up...
  7. KapHn8d

    Orion Photograph

    Good stuff. I prefer the second, wider image that clearly shows the horsehead and flame nebula too... you are getting really good at this :) cheers, Clayton
  8. KapHn8d

    moar Space...

    Man, I've been MIA here a while. Life just happens. I burn my Argon-Ion through its squats and pilates and think of LPF. I light up my low powered solid states and think of LPF. I take some greenies out to locate stars and think of LPF. I stare at my host shells, diode test loads, and bench...
  9. KapHn8d

    Hello from Texas

    Welcome to LPF! I haven't been around here much recently, but this is truly a great place to learn and get started with the hobby. Dig around the archives... there is a lot to chew on there... cheers! /c
  10. KapHn8d

    a few infrared pics

    Very cool! I love IR photography, but honestly haven't done much of it recently. The only laser IR I've done was when I was testing the IR blocking filter that was allegedly installed on my 473nm handheld back when I first bought it. Clicky HERE. I also have done some field work with...
  11. KapHn8d

    Argon stretching drops a Horsehead here...

    I used a standard camera lens on a stock DSLR. However, most of the time, I shoot through a telescope at prime focus. It is worth mentioning for the curious that camera lenses are typically described by focal length (ie. 85mm, 135mm, 200mm, 400mm, etc) and not focal ratio like telescopes...
  12. KapHn8d

    Argon stretching drops a Horsehead here...

    Thanks, fellas! Len, I'm down for that lunch, buddy... let's make it happen. IsaacT, here are the answers: 1. What focal length was that taken at? 600mm 2. Was it stacked? If so, how many lights? Yes. 42 light frames and 9 dark frames. 4 minutes each at ISO800. 3. Where did you take it...
  13. KapHn8d

    Argon stretching drops a Horsehead here...

    Happy New Year, peeps! :wave: I have been super busy with work... lots of travel and long hours. Between that and the holidays, I haven't had much laser time... or forum time for that matter. I'm still around. I was stretching the legs on my argon-ion the other day and while admiring the...
  14. KapHn8d

    Classic "hello everyone"

    Welcome! /c
  15. KapHn8d


    Welcome to LPF! /c
  16. KapHn8d

    Yet another USN pew pew pew pew...

    Kudos to the navy for playing with lasers. http://youtu.be/sbjXXRfwrHg /c
  17. KapHn8d

    Hello From San Diego

    Welcome to the forum! /c
  18. KapHn8d

    Shift in Hobbies

    very cool! /c
  19. KapHn8d

    Hi from France !

    Welcome to the LPF! Have fun! /c
  20. KapHn8d

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the LPF! /c