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    The DTR le-adapter V1

    Has anyone checked the actual ohm reading of these completed modules? I'm wondering if it is really because it's too low for most variable mods. What if we add a 1 or 2ohm resistor on the lead inside the 510 host?
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    The DTR le-adapter V1

    Love the sleek lens adapter. I'm running a 2w 462nm and it did not work on my IPV Mini2, it said check atomizer. It works perfectly on my chi you with stacked 18350's. DTR for the win! Love this piece.
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    Dtr great seller!!!

    I wanted to get into higher power handhelds and Jordan sure came through. I sent out an email with some questions before purchasing and received a response in a matter of minutes. After I placed my order, which was Friday evening I got a response that my items would be shipped out that Saturday...