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    Improper mounting of lasers

    RedCowboy, I don't feel like making a new thread about this, so I will just tag it on here. I got around to "modifying" my first laser purchased - a Dragon Lasers 35 mW Viper (Green). I assume it is a 532 nm laser source, but after checking the receipts, it doesn't explicitly say the...
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    Improper mounting of lasers

    I felt it might be valuable to share this as a new member to this hobby. I have taken laser safety very seriously, and own a pair of "Eagle Pair® 190-540nm & 800-1700nm OD5 Laser Safety Goggles" (the $65 option). I am building my first laser using one of those $15 NICHIA M140 (A140?) diodes...
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    Wow...."super chiral" laser...

    Research like this is incredibly important. Although they must spin it (ha, get it?) with a heavy application-focused approach, the researchers are really doing fundamental science which has implications in many fields. To the best of my knowledge, there isn't consensus on why biological...
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    Laser for Street Lights

    I agree with Paul. I had a similar situation at my old apartment, and I just had to send a few emails and wait a week. Success will vary depending on your local government's or power company's responsiveness :)
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    F#CK Windows 10

    The best part is, Windows 10 is supposedly the last major revision of the OS. It's already so clunky compared to more barebones OS, I can't imagine what it will look like in 5 years.
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    Build a $10 burning laser

    New member here. Would you recommend similar "advanced current regulators" as drivers of higher power laser diodes? Many of the posts I see use more complicated circuits to do what this single component appears to be doing, and I'm curious if it is scalable.
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    Precautions to take before observing a laser in the sky

    This page is pretty comprehensive. Thanks!:thanks:
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    Precautions to take before observing a laser in the sky

    Hello LPF! I just started this account after purchasing a 35 mW Viper from Dragon Lasers. I have been using some cheap red glasses that designate they are safe for 532 nm. However, my question is not about eye safety. It's about the safety of planes. I live in Tuscaloosa, AL (United States) I...