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    Is civillaser legit?

    Anytime one orders from China look at their calendar to see if there is a holiday. Right now it is their Spring Festival.
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    Valkyrie 𖤍 Now available in 405, 425, 450, 488, 520, 555, 593.5, 638nm - Stainless Steel!

    Tinker I posted a question Dec 24th to you three posts before this one. Have you read it?
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    Valkyrie 𖤍 Now available in 405, 425, 450, 488, 520, 555, 593.5, 638nm - Stainless Steel!

    Tinker a while back you mentioned coming out with lasers in a non pen style form. Specifically a larger size. Do you have an update?
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    FINISHED - January 2024 JLasers Giveaway!

    Checked the 488 nm which is a favorite blue color.
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    Anyone else like using lasers to eradicate spiders?

    Realize that as icky as spiders appear they play a very important role in pest control inside your house.
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    do IR lasers need different focus/lens?

    Generally no. Technically yes lenses are made from different materials that have better transmission for IR. Optical coatings are also important. Info. https://www.edmundoptics.com/search/
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    Yellow Laser finally after 25 years...

    I was going to purchase a 561 pointer, but after reading this I think I'll wait till the new version comes out. Also looking forward to the 57X.
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    Sidney Operahouse 50th anniversary laser show. Start at 13 minutes in.

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    Yellow Laser finally after 25 years...

    The reason I asked is I'd like a laser pointer that has a greater reserve of power to operate for a longer intermittent time- triple A's run out sooner. Or perhaps another type of battery. Personally Iike a larger form factor presented by AA's or 18650... types or some such. I own a Jetlaser and...
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    Yellow Laser finally after 25 years...

    Next is a laser that outputs at 577nm for a true yellow laser. Just a thought on your current yellows you sell. A pointer using AA size batteries.
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    Yellow Laser finally after 25 years...

    From the Braniac channel
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    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    One thing that can be done to keep them away is to paint places where wasps and hornets nest blue it mimicks open sky. That was a way to keep such critters away before pesticides. Such critters only build their nests under protected from the elements places.
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    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    Did you know hornets will not bother you unless you bother them. They are also very beneficial predators of other bothersome insects. Also come winter when they all have died and you could have salvaged that nest because people will buy it.
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    Lasered tree trimming

    What is the wavelength of light traveling through the fiber optic?
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    Lasered tree trimming

    A CO2 Laser used to trim trees
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    New G9T lens best divergence and power!

    A longer focal length lens of the same type as other G type lenses would give this result.
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    Generating a beam of any color

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    free salamander fur

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    Laser pointer travelling faster than the speed of light?

    Yes, you assumed correctly.