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    First Laser Build - Using Module

    Been busy.....and after buying my first lasers, decided to progress into making my own laser. Started off with a Maplin Laser The Maplin housing is fairly robust and 12mm inside diameter. Next step was to find a suitable module, and found a UK site 12mm Green Dot Laser Modules and bought...
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    Modified Maplin >1mW Green Laser Pointer

    Luckily, I have another spare (y) The first mod - After cutting the wires to the APC, the pot was adjusted...This might go away to explaining the short running time and ultimate failure of the laser module. The second mod - The wires to the APC were cut and not other adjustments were made and...
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    Happy Friday Beams

    Nice...the images have a done in a 3D software look.
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    Modified Maplin >1mW Green Laser Pointer

    Took some pictures of the beam..... Outside the beam will easily show on buildings 1 or so miles away...(y) Still inside, [somewhat grainy image]
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    Some of my lasers

    The Liquid Sky effect, looks great...!
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    Modified Maplin >1mW Green Laser Pointer

    It's dead [ R.I.P ] Luckily, I have a spare (y) Followed the same procedure. 1. Removed Laser Diode Module 2. Cut both the Red and Black wires 3. Reinserted module into host 4. 2 fresh AAA eneloop rechargeable batteries The result was far better than the first attempt, the laser modules...
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    Modified Maplin >1mW Green Laser Pointer

    After modification, Apart from the dirty lens..the pointer was working fine and now the pointer is unregulated it’s output has dropped considerably. The pointer is now looking like it is on its last legs
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    Modified Maplin >1mW Green Laser Pointer

    Ok.... I’ve just modified my Maplin 1mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer.....Cutting the red and black wires used to regulate power output and now the laser is visibly brighter and the dot is still visible but now there is a haze of sorts...seems slightly diffused. Also adjusting the pot did not seem...
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    Planning First Build Project.

    Ok..... e.g 50mW Green Laser Module (Spring and Wire Connections) Or 50mW Green (520nm) Adjustable Focus Direct Diode Dot Laser Module 3V (12mm) Odicforce also have some handy newb info Building a Laser Module - Guide to Assembling our Module Kits And to start, nice and cheap! I'm...
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    Planning First Build Project.

    I'm planning my first build project and looking for a housing, Convoy have the S2 [led torch host] requires an 18650 and looks great, although I've yet to work out what all will be required to adapt/modify the host. My initial research has not been thorough and no doubt more hosts exist and as...
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    Looking for a good quality true 5mW-10mW green laser pointer

    Maplin 1mW 532nm laser for sale. https://www.cashconverters.co.uk/shop/product/maplin-green-laser-pointer/166476 Is there a tutorial for upgrading the Maplin 1mW, also would make a nice host for a compatible laser module.
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    Hello LPF from UK

    Thanks for the info....Hoping to buy a laser power meter and some glasses. Worked with a welder some years ago and he would regularly get welders flash, not the same as burning a hole in your eye but to a degree, being left with a blind spot or shadow in your vision is no joke. An article...
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    Hello LPF from UK

    Hello, hello...from the UK New to the world of lasers and done some research, reading some articles and watching YouTube videos. Part of my job involves security and identifying people in a large crowd and the fastest method is by using a red laser pointer, that brought me to the LPF. I’m also...
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    Best Laser For Security - Pointing Out People In Crowd...?

    Guess opinions have changed over the years.. https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/laser-for-night-club-bouncer.28102/ Even 1mW is too much...0.5mW..? I can understand where you guys are coming from and the potential for problems buying an uncalibrated device, Murphy’s Law. I’ll do some more...
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    Best Laser For Security - Pointing Out People In Crowd...?

    Worked in security for approx 11 months and I am looking for a laser to help point out/identify specific patrons within a busy environment [lots of people crowds]. We stand a good 3 feet above the customers and and issues of lasers being shone in peoples faces and eyes is a great...