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  1. roSSco

    1.6 watt SolarForce L2 build

    That's a sweet looking power meter! ;)
  2. roSSco

    A-140 gb! CLOSED.

    While true, llxpntbllxll needs to update his signature.
  3. roSSco

    A-140 gb! CLOSED.

    Since you still have the link to this GB in your signature, I submitted my payment.
  4. roSSco

    A-140 gb! CLOSED.

    Re: A-140 GB underway! Put me down for one.
  5. roSSco

    GB 445nm diodes For Sale $45

    Just got my A140 today. I like it so much that I am tempted to get another one. Thanks for all your hard work.
  6. roSSco

    GB 445nm diodes For Sale $45

    Can I be moved from the GB#7 group to the A140 group?
  7. roSSco

    GB 445nm diodes For Sale $45

    I would throw another $5.00 (or more if required) to get one of the A140's. Just say the word! ;)
  8. roSSco

    Pickle juice, the bizarre flourescent liquid

    What kind of pickles you got? :D I tried with and w/o goggles and got pink. Very cool though. ;)
  9. roSSco

    IgorT is sick, and won't be back for a month or so

    Get well soon! ;)
  10. roSSco

    Pioneer 12X Blu-Ray-- BDR-205

    Sounds like an enormous let down. :(
  11. roSSco

    DieselMarines 8x Blu Ray Built by Daguin

    Those are some good beam pics.
  12. roSSco

    FlexDrive V5

  13. roSSco

    Pioneer BDR-205 12X Blu-Ray Burner

    If you put them in an old host they will laugh at you and taunt you in your sleep.
  14. roSSco


    Re: RED & 808nm 1-5 WATT LASER DIODES & MORE CHEAP!!~ I want 1 "808nm 2W 9mm cans $20.00 each" PM me with paypal info. ;)
  15. roSSco

    Sled GB low prices New Sleds!

    Sorry for the delay in payment. Money sent. ;)
  16. roSSco

    Is This Wrong >>> Using Dorcy Without Driver Just A Resistor

    I agree with Kenom. The Dorcy has a driver. Use the right size resistor and you'll be fine.
  17. roSSco

    New Blu Ray build w/pics

    Very nice. I wish I had some better tools for working with metal. I end up using files and a dremel for almost everything. lol
  18. roSSco

    My 8x Pioneer build

    420mW with the 405-G-1 :D I love it! I can etch rocks!
  19. roSSco

    FS: 405-G-1 Glass Lens Mod - 31% Increase vs AixiZ!

    Re: FS: 405-G-1 Glass Lens Mod-28% Increase vs AixiZ!! I got the lens! I just did some new measurements. Apparently I was letting some of the raw light escape the sensor. I now read 445mW w/o a lens and 420mW through the 405-G-1. Another satisfied customer. ;)
  20. roSSco

    My 8x Pioneer build

    That sounds handy. My new heatsink is flush with the top of the Aixiz housing. I hope that isn't a problem.