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    What would you do with a 15KV Transformer? NST

    You could build a simple TEA laser for the sake of science and fun ;)
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    Sand-Blasting My C6!

    Looks nice :) If you just wanted to strip the black anodizing it would've been easier to put the empty host in a strong base like KOH or NaOH and then polishing it. Just a tip if sb want to make a shiny host
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    Analog Modulation Linear Driver

    I'm also curious but it seems like the people who know it haven't seen this post yet. BUMP ;)
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    Analog Modulation Linear Driver

    I want to synchronize an analog audio signal with a laser and this where I came to the problem that I would know how to synchronize it via PWM by amplifying the signal and then use a simple comparator and oscillator to generate my PWM signal which I would use to modulate some standard linear...
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    EXPLODING laser targets??

    First I don't think its safe to pressurize a normal plastic bottle to 100psi. Second it may take long and after the take is burned trough you have the same clear bottle again which won't burn through unless you have a co2 laser. Third if you only get a small hole the sound might not be a...
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    175mw Laserglow into 900mm FL Telescope

    Looks awesome! I Love fat beams in addition to the fact that with expanding comes low divergence Do that with a 1W green and people will think that you're building a deathstar laser^^ Link to the telescope on ebay please ;)
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    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    @mariomaster I would guess it's a fusor with that nice purplish glow and round thick (maybe borosilicate) window ;)
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    Cell Phone Jammer (CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G LTE, 4G WiMax, WiFi/Bluetooth)

    Exactly this is what you should think about before using a signal jammer. You can't just prejudice and say everyone here just uses their phone for texting on a highway or where ever. With a signal jammer you negligently restrict other people and maybe even endanger them by blocking 911 or...
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    18 years of age to buy?

    Hey that's nice I'll be 18 on the 19 of february 2015 :D Seriously I am used to high powered lasers for over a year now and if you know how to handle lasers safely age is not an important factor. I have never had an accident involving lasers so far. I've bought parts and lasers from many...
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    lumens vs watts?

    What happens if I project 30K points at 30K scan speed? 30*30,000 lumens? WTF lol the output of your projector stays at 300-400 lumens where are those numbers from I don't think you got the units right For clarity: What I think you mean with the dots are brighter when you project less is: lux...
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    Fixing Aixismodule to Copperheatsink with solder?

    Its possible I've done it with copper pipes a few times but you a lot flux and a blowtorch or very powerful solder iron. Just look on youtube for copper pipe soldering :) Don't do this with the diode pressed in the module it may overheat!!!
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    lumens vs watts?

    ^ You are right sir :)
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    Very High Speed (500 MHz) Laser Diode Driver

    why would you use multimode 445nm diodes for data transmission?
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    PHR805T Manufacturer?

    aha 3D printing I guessed it ;) :na: I prefer photolithographic printers a lot over those " hot glue gun strapped to a CNC" type ones :) much better resolutions and possibilities If only the resins weren't so expensive but I think the cost will come down a lot I think its not possible to find...
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    OK...I redid the graph...

    Oh man! cypragon you always get me with you funny gifs :D I must spread rep before i can rep you again but I love your attitude that you show the wtf moment when somebody doesn't explain what he wants to say but on the other side help everyone in a clear logical way if they explain it. ;)
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    PHR805T Manufacturer?

    First you should introduce yourself for example maybe where you are from, why you are here, whats your project about. Because its your first post here but ok welcome to the forum. PHR805T is not an actual model number of the diode its just named after the blu ray drive it came from. Like so...
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    GB: 1W 520nm diode information/giveaway

    The tension increases....:D
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    High power UV diodes?

    Edit: nevermind misread and thought of leds :)
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    FS: LK-PD RGB projector + HID

    Re: FS: Air cooled Argon + 100W ebay HID I'm sorry but I won't take it atm needed money to repair my bike. But its a good price for a good flashlight so somebody will buy it soon :)
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    FS: LK-PD RGB projector + HID

    Re: FS: Air cooled Argon + 100W ebay HID Will you do shipping to europe? Thats a nice light !