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    Laser vs. lamp. I've never heard a sensible answer to this. Help!

    Thanks - that's a good idea. I've looked previously but never found anything that was narrow enough. Do you have any other examples? I couldn't see a spectrum for the Ebay example you gave (I might have been looking in the wrong place).
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    Laser vs. lamp. I've never heard a sensible answer to this. Help!

    So I appreciate the input, but I'm still no closer to hearing a properly argued answer to this. I entirely understand that power density is a key factor, but I'm asking, assuming the power density is the same, is a laser any more dangerous than a lamp? The most sensible thing I have read is...
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    Laser vs. lamp. I've never heard a sensible answer to this. Help!

    Imagine I have a lamp (incoherent light - lets say it's a consumer projector), and a class 2m laser device, and both have identical divergence and identical waist width, and are kicking out the same radiant flux, all in the visible spectrum (say around 532nm). My question: In this case, is the...
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    Help! Affordable pulsed laser

    Does anyone know of an affordable 532nm pulsed laser? It should be ideally <$500, ~40mw (average power), and allow me to set the repetition rate to ~20hz, and pulse duration to ~0.1ms. If it were battery powered that would also be helpful. Also, if it had to be at a different wavelength (but...
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    Is this laser safe? Help!

    So I'm trying to build a prototype product in my spare time, part of which uses a laser torch (a bit like a laser genetics ND5). It needs to be as bright as possible but still safe (class 2m). Does anyone know the maximum power density (mw/cm2) allowed for a laser to still be in class 2m...
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    Super wide-beam laser

    Hi guys, Thanks again for all the help. So to test the idea of this diffuse, wide beam laser that IU can use as a (safe!) flashlight for my computer vision algorithms to pick up, I was looking to get a laser. I had seen this...
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    Super wide-beam laser

    Hi guys, Firstly, thanks so much for all of the help. It's really generous and I really appreciate it. Secondly, I'm really not building a weapon! I'm doing a PhD in machine learning, and doing some experiments with computer vision. I'm having trouble with the algorithms, so wanted to try...
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    Super wide-beam laser

    Hi guys, I'm somewhat new to lasers, so please forgive my ignorance. I'm working on a hobby project, and it needs a laser with a very wide + divergent beam. In short, it needs to be a similar beam width / divergence as a regular flashlight (e.g. say 1m wide at 3m distance, or wider?). The...