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  1. toogoofy

    Anything but iPhone (thoughts on Desire, Galaxy S)

    Re: Anything but iPhone (thoughts on HTC Desire) I have the droid (milestone that I like alot. I usually go off of a site called Phone arena that has very indepth reviews as well as cnet is also help full. HTC Desire (Phone Arena) Task killers are a must for these multitasking phones and I use...
  2. toogoofy

    READ BEFORE POSTING! LPF Forum Etiquette

    wow i didnt realize there was a second page...wow...
  3. toogoofy

    READ BEFORE POSTING! LPF Forum Etiquette

    no you didnt.:gun:
  4. toogoofy

    first build

    usually the aizix goes inside the heatsink and using both is recommended if you want to use it for longer periods of time and value your diode.:wave:
  5. toogoofy

    FS: >110mW PHR, >140mW 4x & >170mW 6x Blu-Rays

    I'm pretty sure there was a thread made saying igor was in the hospital and won't be back in about a month.:whistle:
  6. toogoofy

    complete build

    Here is a picture I got from a post from HIMNL9 for a blu diode from here http://laserpointerforums.com/f51/building-test-load-help-43762.html even though they are talking about red diodes mostly, i think the only difference is that blu need 6 diodes instead of 4. to short the caps connect the...
  7. toogoofy

    blue ray diode came with connected circuits?

    Hello :bumpit: here is the video http://laserpointerforums.com/f51/harvesting-phr-sled-45390.html#post608754 good luck, toogoofy
  8. toogoofy

    Glad to be here!

    welcome:gj: jayrob is always a good choice. if you are on a tight buget you can use a project box or altoids tin. as for batteries... with the rckstr you need more than 7.25V. you could try the new groove 2 drivers that use around half the voltage (1.3 vs. 2.25) and use 2 3.6 batteries or you...
  9. toogoofy

    hi, This is wlaser.

    hello and welcome!:beer: :gj: in getting reputable members to review your products. so many new sellers don't and get shot down oh so quickly :gun: Good Luck, toogoofy
  10. toogoofy

    Cheap anti-red Laser goggles?

    1st of all this thread has been created like 5 times in. The safety section:shhh: But yeah they mostly ended the same...cni goggles (scopeguy20 aka glenn) Or dragon lasers both are about the same price w/ shipping and. Both are thought to be good. I have the cni googles for red and they seem...
  11. toogoofy


    Hey man remember: every biuld is special:beer: LPF members are addicted to laser videos especially ones that have creative experiments (hint hint:whistle:). Good Luck!, Toogoofy
  12. toogoofy

    Cheapest way to power a PHR-803T blu-ray laser diode~Share your opinions!

    oh it appears these are boost drivers :whistle: I apologize I missed the 3-5VDC part. http://laserpointerforums.com/f38/405nm-drivers-fits-aixiz-module-good-pen-build-44039.html
  13. toogoofy

    Blu-ray and 75g saltwater tank

    I'll do my best, but I'll have to do some sneaking around after hours...:tsk:
  14. toogoofy

    Difference between Red laser, Infrared laser, High-energy laser?

    yeah I think this thread is over...:whistle: He deleted his question so now reading this seems kinda random... This should probably be closed...
  15. toogoofy

    Cheapest way to power a PHR-803T blu-ray laser diode~Share your opinions!

    I don't think that is a boost driver...so you will need more than just 1 cr123 you will probably need 2 :san: Hope this helps, Toogoofy
  16. toogoofy


    try to stick to places like hightechdealz or modwerx I thin khightech dealz has 6xs I say this because kendall(hightech) and drew(modwerx) are really cool and will help you, most of all don't over spec there stuff:angel:
  17. toogoofy


    welcome enjoy your time at lpf:beer: Anybody can correct me but I don't think a 6x will be able to get to 300mw w/o dying quickly. Most run it at around 200ma and will be around 200mw. Hope this helps, Toogoofy EDIT: 100th post!:wave:
  18. toogoofy

    Rayfoss 200mW waterproof red?

    if you are still watching this thread: I bet you could youtube the name of the laser and come up with some reviews and demos. hope this helps, toogoofy:beer:
  19. toogoofy

    Blu-ray and 75g saltwater tank

    This is pretty cool :san: I think I'll do this at the aquarium I volunteer at :bumpit:
  20. toogoofy

    Optical Trapping Pictures

    This is really cool :wave: its fun to do with my red :D