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    3.5W P / 2.5W CW 638nm HL63520HD

    Hiya Below are some shots of this diode. My camera gets particularly washed out by red light. The duel emitters are literally two sharp bar like beams(much sharper then the pictures show), each 1.2W to make a combined 2.4W. However ive tried a few diffetent lenses and can only change the shape...
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    3.5W P / 2.5W CW 638nm HL63520HD

    Hey everyone! Apologies for replying to such an old post but... So I ordered a Ushio HL63520HD directly from RPMC lasers so it cost a bundle! Mating it with ACS4500UB set at the appropriate 2.4A. This ordered from DTR. Using DTR'S 20mm case with aluminum back half so I'll be soldering the diode...
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    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    Just wanted to say you're a great guy DTR for helping in these ways and whenever there is an issue with a componants you sold or even just some bobbyist with no money but passion for a project you go out of your way to help. Few people today are as standup as you. Next paycheck I'll be ordering...
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    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    In just got more 18650s and am set for now. Will let ya know if I need more. Good hull! 3200mah are serious stuff. I'm using 2900mah in my builds right now. But anyway thanks again.
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    Help with NUBM44-V2 Blue Laser Diode

    Hiya; This info came from Sanwu themselves. I had ordered a Striker 7w and they stated the one they pulled from the stock had degraded and that it used a open can NUBM44 v1. You can email them yourself of course. They were only getting 5.6w from it. They also stated that it was an overdriven...
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    Help with NUBM44-V2 Blue Laser Diode

    Hiya; I'm no expert but yes it sounds like an open can diode. Done sometimes when a ball lense is in place if the diode is salvaged from another device. Sanwu for example used open can NUBM44 V1 but they degraded quickly even when not in use. I would of course point to you DTR's Laser Shop for...
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    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    That cyan looks interesting. Max Vs are 6, I've been using two 3.7 18650s...think that would be ok? For Christmas I've decided to build a red and green together! Thanks for the links to DTRS, he's a great guy! Also, it's neat to burn stuff...hehe... but I'm coming to appreciate beam profile a...
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    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    You're a bad influence...hehe...yeah will have to be red or green next!
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    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    Hiya, yeah just uploaded photos above but my galaxy camera just shows it as blue more then 405nm violet. My wife is very supportive of my hobbies and was a bit jealous when I built my 450nm 7w. I have a used meter and am getting 1.1W plus but like it reads it burns nicer then a 1.5W 445nm I...
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    GH04W10A2GC 2W violet laser (silent hill)

    I have this same diode and setup, my camera just doesn't pick it up as 405bm violet but blue! I've added my photos to show this...
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    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    Ordered the driver GH04W10A2GC 405nm combo. Many many thanks to DTRS again. Just used S4X host and two 18650s. Built this for my wife. Photos don't do it justice but I'll try. The beam profile is beautiful compared to my 450nm nubm44 v2 7w(which is flat). It's coming in at a good 1.1W with my...
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    Sooner or later the banhammer is gonna fall

    My two cents, First off the laser hobby comes with tremendous responsibility. Lasers are not toys (even though we love playing with them with burning things and optical effects). When I built my first HeNe Laser in 7th grade it was .5mw and I had to have protective barriers in place to...
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    All Copper "44" Beast!!!

    Absolutely incredibly beautiful copper host. Brasso(polish) works with copper great and leaves a slight wax coating to keep in shiny a while. A clear coat would or could look blotchy with time and be a pain to remove or redo. Sealing off the end to protect the diode and lense being a priority...
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    Building My First 7w With NUBMM44 V2 need all help I can get!

    Here is the 20mm adapter for the s4th and the g8 lense. Again gonna get a proper beam photo tonight to show it in all its glory!
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    Building My First 7w With NUBMM44 V2 need all help I can get!

    Here is a photo, tonight I will upload a beam picture. This is telling me my file size is too big to post more then one at a time.
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    Building My First 7w With NUBMM44 V2 need all help I can get!

    Latest update. Finished my first nubm44 V2 7w in SLs S4X host assembly using DTRs 20mm module with 5500bu driver set at 4.5w. Using SLS new S4X 20mm adapter. Using two 18650 2900mah protected batteries. There was a small hiccup but I now have an astoundingly powerful 445/450nm blue laser of my...
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    Survival Laser Open Thread

    Just want to say Survival Lasers is simply awesome and I haven't even recieved the items yet. Between you (SL) and DTRs laser shop you make building straightforward and fun. 100% respect for bringing your passion to the laser community. You're a man of my own heart, built my first HeNe Laser in...
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    Welcome, I'm new here too and already into my first 7w build! Great resources here you just have to look around and many master builders here as well. I built my first laser in 7th grade a long time ago. I recommend taking applied physics and both mechanical and electrical engineering. Lasers...
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    Quick question about cheap charger

    I ordered 2x 2900 MAH 3.7v 18650 batteries from orbtronic. They seem nicely made and weren't cheap. They have protected circuits as well for extra safety for the batteries and laser. For charger I went with Nitecore after reading reviews.
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    Building My First 7w With NUBMM44 V2 need all help I can get!

    Many thanks! I'll definately be ordering more subassemblies from your site. This all seems straight forward but it's the little things that can become major bummers. I ordered the driver set at 4.5a, I'll check anyway but everyone tells me they are solder and play on here. I'm again using two...