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    FS: Star Trek Phaser 'Hot' Option! Or, Individual Parts...

    Re: FS: Star Trek Phaser Parts! 'Hot' Option Available! Or, Individual Parts... LOL, and now he's hosting a laser giveaway stating that his laser is valued as $750!!!!!! Yeah right!!! Here's a youtube link Edit: I've done the math, and your build has 94x the price to performance ratio as...
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    Another genius gets arrested for misuse of laser pointer

    I agree. With all the hype about lasers right now, the media makes anything that's above 5mw's seem like a murdering death-ray. It has even got to the point to where in movies, such as "Final Destination", a 5 mw Lasik laser (yeah right) is overpumped to 9.8mw(Extreme uber powerful according to...
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    DragonLasers or WickedLasers? [urgent]

    I second this post.
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    what police officers think of green lasers

    Except the fact that the first laser website they shared was wickedlasers. XD Quote: "I'd be more worried about blue lasers. A 1W hand held laser this size is insane[Insert Link to Artic Here]." I think what he meant by that was insanely bad. :crackup::yh: Edit: I read into the topic more and...
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    2.05 Watt 445nm Laser in Cree SacredFire NF-009 Mohrenberg Heatsink+Tutorial

    I'm confused.. This is the right host/heatsink combo right? If it is..., he says that the host itself is powered by either 2 18650s or 2 18500s if you remove the extension tube. But you said that you need to get an extension tube to fit the third 18650, and also that the extension tube comes...