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  1. Jacob32123

    FBI alert on good morning america green laser

    Have you guys seen this? Dr. Sam is on at 1:34 Government cracks down on laser pointers - Video on NBCNews.com
  2. Jacob32123

    12v 1/2 AAA batteries?

    The A23's are made of button cells: And here are 1/2 AAA NiMhs: http://www.batterybob.com/product.asp?intProdID=399123
  3. Jacob32123

    Am I safe? Was this resposible to try?

    There's no way that that thing is 2 watts at that price, battery size, or host size (unless the duty cycle was small). That doesn't seem like safe logic to me. 200mW is dangerous even if we have 3+ watt lasers. Just because it is lower powered doesn't make it low powered.
  4. Jacob32123

    Ridiculously cheap lasers

    Please use the search feature. This was posted above:
  5. Jacob32123

    RSS Feed

    I just found this. Turns out, we have always had RSS. http://laserpointerforums.com/external.php
  6. Jacob32123

    looking towards source = more noticeable beam?

  7. Jacob32123


    Using the search feature would get you answers to both questions in this thread. http://laserpointerforums.com/f45/what-mw-does-green-beam-become-visible-41114.html
  8. Jacob32123

    A little lesson on heatsinks

  9. Jacob32123

    Laser Pointer Guide, and Safety iPhone App

    That is cool! +1 from me! A laser terms dictionary would be good. That sucks that it got rejected. I've been there before. You can appeal, and they are nice about it usually.
  10. Jacob32123

    bursting balloons at distance

    Why is this posted twice? http://laserpointerforums.com/f44/powerful-laser-84384.html
  11. Jacob32123

    (CLOSED) Livinloud's First Giveaway!!!! Winners Posted

    Re: Livinloud's First (of many) Giveaway!!!! I'll nominate Trevor for all of his LPM work.
  12. Jacob32123

    ophir 20c-a-1-y OUT OF STOCK???

    While we're on this subject, I would like to share a message I received from lasersbee on 7/29/13 after I left him a -rep. I personally agree that name calling is not scientific evidence, and is uncalled-for. In the interest of full disclosure, lasersbee later apologized.
  13. Jacob32123

    editing typos after post marks it edited

  14. Jacob32123

    µCurrent device for getting more accurate current readings

    That doesn't make sense to me. 1/1,000 of an amp is a milliamp, not a microamp. 1/1,000,000 is a microamp
  15. Jacob32123

    Need a picture of a LPM measurement for a green laser

    What kind of battery does it take? Someone with an LPM probably has the same kind of battery that they can test it with. A flat rate box should be ~$5 both ways.
  16. Jacob32123

    Tablet Pc convertible

    What is your CPU usage at? How hot is the air that comes out?
  17. Jacob32123

    Amazingly cheap hid flash light! Hurry limited stock!

    The seller got a positive feedback for a different ~$20 flashlight recently, could be fake though.
  18. Jacob32123

    Online ILD to PNG (and SVG to ILD) Converter

    Re: Online ILD to PNG Converter Thanks! I'll implement svg2ild now. I didn't see that before. That is a cool script. I'll send you a PM with some questions. As for the captcha, I have no problem disabling it, I just need to save how many times you have uploaded something without typing in...
  19. Jacob32123

    Amazingly cheap hid flash light! Hurry limited stock!

    I asked how these were shipped and was told this.