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  1. Shiiru

    Newbie Here, Newbie Build

    Hey, Check this threads: https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/the-i-want-to-build-a-laser-thread.52972/ https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/complete-guide-to-owning-lasers-please-read.82066/ Also before you start working on it get some OD 5-6 goggles so you don't end up with a fried eye...
  2. Shiiru

    Where can I buy a 7 watt laser?

    I don't think you'll find any laser store that has lasers with power of 7W. It ends at like 100mW in the US. Either try to find a private seller from the US on LPF or order the diode with the other parts and build the laser yourself. If you don't really know how to, watch styropyro vids, they'll...
  3. Shiiru


    The challenger II is really good, I have two of them and I highly recommend getting one. Also for 300 euros u don't need to look into other companies and buy trash from wicked or zeus :D I would take the 4.5W 470nm in Challenger II from Sanwu and some Eaglepair goggles OD6-7.
  4. Shiiru

    7W 445nM diode burned out?

    It was either exceeded duty cycle or batteries not charged.
  5. Shiiru

    How far away is a 1.5 blue laser clear visible?

    Hi, What's the beam divergence?
  6. Shiiru

    Buying a red laser pointer

    O w końcu ktoś z Polski
  7. Shiiru

    Eye safe laser to kill mosquitoes ?

    Tbh I would just buy this device that u plug in your electrical socket and it kills bugs. It’s cheap, effortless and it works. The situation here is not good at all. Everything is closed except supermarkets and pharmacies. You can only go out to doctor, pharmacy or supermarket. If u go...
  8. Shiiru

    Eye safe laser to kill mosquitoes ?

    But it’s not weird enough!
  9. Shiiru

    Eye safe laser to kill mosquitoes ?

    I mean, u could try a full auto glock for example :D
  10. Shiiru

    Eye safe laser to kill mosquitoes ?

    what about an asg pistol? also a weird idea but at least not that dangerous ;d
  11. Shiiru

    Looking for a laser as a birthday gift and REALLY need help on what to get.

    Sanwu orders batts for you from NKON, so they are quality and they usually come before the lasers :p
  12. Shiiru

    Looking for a laser as a birthday gift and REALLY need help on what to get.

    Just go for the sanwu pocket in 488 or 492nm (cyan). Exotic colours are really cool. I own the 492 pocket and it's amazing ;d Also when ordering choose DHL shipping. It's pricey but their normal shipping is extremely slow. I'm waiting more than a month for mine and still didn't get it.
  13. Shiiru

    Lens for NUBM31T

    Nah, I'm just using a power supply, although I don't think that matters when choosing a lens
  14. Shiiru

    SOLD Sanwu RGB Stainless Steel 14 Vials 500mW with Beam Expander and batteries - $400 CAD SOLD

    Hello, Is the offer still actual? I’m really interested in buying it
  15. Shiiru

    Power supply min 110V 4A

    I don’t really want to use drivers
  16. Shiiru

    Power supply min 110V 4A

    http://m.alibaba.com/product/62316519112/Best-Price-KPS-High-Power-150V.html I found one 150V 10A DC
  17. Shiiru

    Lens for NUBM31T

    Hello, Could anyone please advise me on what lens to choose for focusing a nubm31t array?
  18. Shiiru

    Power supply min 110V 4A

    yeah but the problem is I need 110V on 4A ;d