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    Importing lazers to Australia no label?

    It's luck of the draw really. 1000 lasers may make it through customs and yours might be the one they catch. Certain websites are on a list of known illegal imports and will always have their packages checked. Taking the label off it doesn't help if they test the output. Lase
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    An exotic pictures collection request.

    I'll add the only exotic I have: 593.5 Lase
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    Laser Googles, im NEW!

    Mine has been prominent for about 4 years now. Basically everything in my vision is morphing or 'breathing' constantly. If I get tired or anxious the problem gets worse but it's always noticeable. If I stare at something for a while the effect builds up until I can't make anything out. Makes...
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    Laser Googles, im NEW!

    Eye Floaters. I asked my doctor about this (because I suffer from HPPD) and was worried it was a symptom. But floaters are completely normal. Lase
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    Why Gas?

    Gas lasers are old technology, slowly being phased out by diodes that can reach higher powers. They have great divergence, rare wavelengths and if you have a bare HeNe tube, they are a piece of art. They are pricey because they are getting rarer and are now becoming historical. We are willing...
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    beam expander inside an olike laser?

    Electro: You should look into getting a tripod and clamp. You can set it up to point where you want with little chance of it moving and the clamp can hold the momentary button in too. Lase
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    Tripod + Real Goggles and a 473 nm Needed?

    Welcome :beer: Here's some links to good safety goggles. OEM Laser Systems Laser Safety Industries THORLabs Survival Laser They aren't cheap, but you can't put a price on your eyesight. As for the 473, if you are looking for a long duty cycle, you might be better off going with a lab...
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    Visibility of Red Lasers

    630 632.8 635 650 660 685 780 808 Lower wavelength in red makes it brighter comparitively. This have been gone over many times. Lase
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    De-anodizing hosts (Pic Heavy)

    Your request has been granted :bowdown: Before: After De-Anodizing: Polishing: Well you'll just have to wait :na: Lase
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    De-anodizing hosts (Pic Heavy)

    Yes it does fit a 22600 :) I don't have any in hand but I can get them. $15+ ship. CPF also has a review on an even larger TomCat. Link Lase
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    Gday From Melbourne!!!

    Welcome to the forum :beer: Glad to see you here, although if I were in your position, electronics would not be my choice :D Please make sure that while you are enjoying your lasers, you also enjoy your eyes and protect them! Lase
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    Just wondering if there is anyone that could help...

    Where in Australia are you? There are a few Australian members and one may live close to you. Lase
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    De-anodizing hosts (Pic Heavy)

    Thanks for the compliments guys. It's a labour of love. Next step is learning how to anodize. I just started on an Arctic clone for Fiddy :) It's gonna look real nice Lase
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    "CLOSED.!!!" GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm (REFUNDING.!!!!!!)

    Re: "CLOSED.!!!" GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm (Taking Payments for Round 2) Here's the last update: Link :beer: Lase
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    7.5W RGB + Two 1.5W 532nm - FS @ PL

    15,000€ (Euro) for this. Looks great though. Lase
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    Win thread

    ^And people say Hooters girls have no other talents :na: I used to work with a girl who was very into hoola hoops. She was aiming to break the world record. I wonder what happened to her? :thinking: Lase
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    Lazerer.com? are they good?

    It may be. I read that paypal had done this to companies like Dino(and their affiliates) not sure if it's happened to the more reputable companies but i don't see why it wouldn't. Lase
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    Lazerer.com? are they good?

    Most laser companies don't offer paypal any more. Paypal shut down the accounts of companies shipping >5mW lasers. Lase
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    445nm 1.1A Ultrafire C8

    That's one awesome laser. That heatsink :bowdown: I wish I had access to a CNC. Does this also mean you can do custom hosts? :evil: Lase
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    GB: 2$ copper modules ALL SIZES CLOSED

    No it's not. It's closer to Promite or Marmite. It's not for everyone :p Lase