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    Ah, okay, sorry about that.

    Ah, okay, sorry about that.
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    Making 500w laser source for laser cutting machine.

    Hi, I am looking at buying 100 Sharp GH04C05Y9G 445nm to 450nm Laser Diodes. I am hoping I can get about 500W to cut stainless steel plates with a thickness of 2mm. I believe even 250W might do this very well. I know that as the wavelength goes down, the wattage required to engrave or cut is...
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    whats necro posting?

    whats necro posting?
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    My Furst Custom laser 7W+ NUBM0E

    Let’s just take for example the fiber lasers made by CloudRay or Raycus they make 1075nm I believe láser sources then they output the light in a cable and put that cable in a laser head which then outputs the light with lenses and such. Is that not possible with the 445nm diodes? The fiber cable...
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    My Furst Custom laser 7W+ NUBM0E

    Is it possible to put the laser through a fiber cable, come out the other end, and compress the light?