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ArcticMyst Security by Avery

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  1. StardustSprinkles

    Happy Thanksgiving LPF

    Happy Thanksgiving and a safe upcoming Festivus to all!
  2. StardustSprinkles

    Anyone else like using lasers to eradicate spiders?

    Fruit flies are really annoying - try a vinegar trap if you haven't! They fly in by the dozens when you do it correctly.
  3. StardustSprinkles

    Where are you buying lasers from these days?

    I have had great luck with Tinkertavernco on eBay, they even ship from the USA and they're a member here on the forum!
  4. StardustSprinkles

    NUBM0F WOW....

    This is exciting stuff! I'm looking forward to an 8W+ blue handheld in the future.
  5. StardustSprinkles

    Anyone else like using lasers to eradicate spiders?

    I can't be the only one, right? Just now an eight legged freak was dangling above me and I took great pleasure in gutting it with a 1.6W 445nm laser beam (Thanks Tinkertavernco!). Something about that snap-crackle-pop sound the fallen creepy creature makes followed by the small puff of smoke...
  6. StardustSprinkles

    "Police Security" 3300 Lumen LED Flashlight

    This thread is making me laugh in many ways this morning. Thanks everyone. The choice of decor reminds me of this video I recently saw on YouTube. Similar decor in Bryce Michael's room.
  7. StardustSprinkles

    FS: 700mW 635nm in Aurora Host

    SO. Not interested anymore. Jeez. This escalated quickly. @OP: All they were suggesting is that you use a middleman from the forum, a trusted member whom owns an LPM so that you could be an honest man and a man of your word, and sell a laser with the correct power advertised. PayPal won't...
  8. StardustSprinkles

    Can Some Lasers Go Through Walls?

    I'm telling you, someone messed with him and soaked his stankbroccoli in formaldehyde and now he's having a very strange bad trip every time he smokes. @Tallmonkey try shaving off all body hair. Yes all. All. I don't care if your girlfriend likes it Brazilian. You could have some acute over...
  9. StardustSprinkles

    473nm vs 589nm vs 532nm

    They are all Diode Pumped Solid State lasers, meaning a diode fires laser light through crystals to achieve the desired wavelength. The main reason for the higher price of yellow and blue DPSS lasers is how hard it is to make the crystals required, they make lots, but can only use a few, so they...
  10. StardustSprinkles

    FS: 700mW 635nm in Aurora Host

    Smell like a scam with answers like that... And I was interested. :(
  11. StardustSprinkles

    On my 3rd Krypton after 2 RMA's...

    What did you have to pay for this thing, full price? :/
  12. StardustSprinkles

    Amazon is selling burning lasers?

    I bought a tritium vial just about a month ago from amazon, and I know you can't buy a tritium vial just anywhere in the United States, just like a high powered laser, I think it's illegal to import, but no effort is made to enforce it's ban once it's successfully stateside.. Thankfully in this...
  13. StardustSprinkles

    Can Some Lasers Go Through Walls?

    You freak me out, Bob. :gj:
  14. StardustSprinkles

    Smartphones thread

    Once you're a registered developer for apple you get invites to their famous keynotes to party with the guys in the turtlenecks. Worth it. iPhone 5! :D
  15. StardustSprinkles

    You know you are a laser enthusiast when....

    The £ has puzzled me.
  16. StardustSprinkles

    You know you are a laser enthusiast when....

    When you can make a pretty good guess at the wavelength of anything, and you've seriously organized your closet by wavelengths. Having OCD along with the laser thing isn't so good. xD When you've taken the suggestion of a few select members and only recently realized that you can light things...
  17. StardustSprinkles

    Can Some Lasers Go Through Walls?

    Who actually reads an entire four page long troll thread before posting? Bitch please, ain't nobody got time for that..
  18. StardustSprinkles

    Can Some Lasers Go Through Walls?

    @OP what are you smoking out of? I know some people who have had some strange symptoms after using crappy homemade aluminum pipes for extended periods during their medicinal moments.. Just wondering. It could be easily overlooked.
  19. StardustSprinkles

    WL RMA Request

    It's an unholy clusterf*ck but I've successfully RMA'd a laser with WL before. Stay on them, don't be rude even when it seems as if they couldn't care less and in a few months you should have a working version of the one you've returned. Idunno how refunds work with them, and I haven't heard of...
  20. StardustSprinkles

    Using a laser as a defense weapon

    I hate this subject because of the laser ethics debate it spins up every single time. The truth is you can use a laser as a weapon, the problem is as our world has evolved over time different species have adapted to their habitats and therefore are more sensitive to different wavelengths, and...