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  1. J

    Battery holder and laser module

    Okay, so this is my second post, I REALLY hope I don't get scolded for asking this question that might have been answered before, I did some research on saint Google using quotation marks to get more precise results, but got no useful results, so here it goes: A couple of months ago, I picked...
  2. J

    Super easy - pen build.

    That host is snazzy. Where did you find it?
  3. J

    Review of Lasence 559nm 20mW chartreuse module

    Shrek green! This lime green looks awesome at just 20mW, past 50mW would be godly. As for the 561nm presentation pointer, I feel veery tempted to order one right now.
  4. J

    Laser Guns! (Photos) - Is The Tech There Yet?

    … Let alone a group of them
  5. J

    Laser Guns! (Photos) - Is The Tech There Yet?

    Sure, people today can buy laser arrays and come up with a way to jam them to a circuitry and a portable power source, but the irreversible ocular damage (potential overkill in this case) they can cause, to name one of the reasons, still keeps them considered as inhumane, it could however have a...
  6. J

    About this 405nm "Assassin" laser pointer...

    😂Thanks, will do. It makes perfect sense now. Edit: I salvaged the lens and used it for another violet laser pointer.
  7. J

    About this 405nm "Assassin" laser pointer...

    Hello guys. Before knowing how questionable the quality of these 303-reskin laser pointers is, I bought one on Ebay like three to four months ago for a few bucks, thing arrived around a month later, everything went smooth, did some burning, until I had to recharge the battery (a generic 18650...
  8. J

    Issues with a green laser pointer

    Thank you guys, I'll give you feedback after I dare to do more things to it again.
  9. J

    Issues with a green laser pointer

    Hello everyone. This is my first post about asking assistance with a laser pointer. Around 3 months ago, I bought a green laser pointer at a store in another town, I knew it was mislabeled but I didn't care much, considering how cheap it was. Eventually, my ignorance led me to the first of...
  10. J


    Thank you very much guys!
  11. J


    Hello there, my name is Hannibal, I'm from Chile and I currently am 24 years old. Recently, my passion for laser technology was re-awakened, but I'm still a newbie in the matter. I joined this community to learn from you guys, to gather deeper knowledge regarding laser safety, seek advice and...