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  1. J

    Goodbye to all. It was nice meeting everyone!

    Sorry to hear about all this Jeff. DONT GIVE UP! Maybe you can talk to your Dad and straighten things out,he is your Dad deep inside he still loves you,he just probably had a momentary lapse in judgement like we all do. Ive been without car, job, or a place to live in 1985 . It all happened in...
  2. J

    Quit smokin along time ago,cant understand while people still smoke, although after all this...

    Quit smokin along time ago,cant understand while people still smoke, although after all this time I have a hankerin for one once in a blue moon.while im out hunting and laserin. I get auwful hungry and theres nothing better than hunting or shining that beautiful 200 mw laser on a clear night.
  3. J

    Anyone bought from Tmart?

    It seems like even if they are poor lasers to get a 50 mw for very short money, why not give them a try, if there crap thats it.
  4. J

    I hope everyone is well and having a good start to the new year.

    I hope everyone is well and having a good start to the new year.
  5. J

    How is the Law in the US?

    Right on the money Frothy Chimp, I am also very fond of the same things, not in that order-LOL.
  6. J

    Thank you-Jims19

    Thank you-Jims19
  7. J

    The, "I want to build a laser", Thread

    Thank you Morgan that was an awesome informative instructional about laser building. Its the first comprehensive info that really I understood! Thanks for the vets who really know their stuff. It keeps people safe and informed!
  8. J

    hi from italy

    I Love Italy! one of my favorite countries, just beautiful! Welcome and be careful. Would love to see some pics of your finished work.
  9. J

    Glad to be here, guyz

    Welcome aboard! This is a great forum, superior quality site!
  10. J

    Sup dudes!

    Im still learning myself about all the interesting technical aspects.It sounds like you just got some excellent advice from the vets- they know what they are talking about. Please be careful and good luck!
  11. J

    Hello LPF

    I like to see questions and discussion about the technical aspects of lasers, good job! and welcome.
  12. J

    Can a Laser Reflection into the eye cause an eye ulcer?

    oh and Trever when in the shower use a small amount of baby shampoo on a facecloth and go over your lids with them closed, then rinse off with really warm shower spray and gently dry off with towel when out of the shower,It really helps.
  13. J

    Can a Laser Reflection into the eye cause an eye ulcer?

    When I worked in ophthalmology I saw many corneal ulcers. They can be very serious if not treated in time . but the discomfort usually brings the patient in soon. I hope it isnt in your visual axis because these can leave small scars, which would appear like a small spot in your vision. They are...
  14. J

    Hello all - about time I joined the forum!

    Welcome, you seem to know some tricky and interesting ways with lasers. Please be careful, and have some fun with this Lpf.
  15. J

    Just got my Rayfoss 200mW laser

    Thanks Kevin I think I will go with optotronics although CNI looks intriguing. Take care and keep shining.
  16. J

    Just got my Rayfoss 200mW laser

    That Rayfoss looks like a real decent laser. I sure would be thankful if all you pros out there would direct me on the best possible laser money can buy, green of course. There are just so many and I dont have the knowledge like you folks out there. Thanks alot and God bless.
  17. J

    Rayfoss 200mW Focusable Laser Torch - Extensive Review

    Thanks Albert that was cool. Jims19
  18. J

    Physics Coursework On Lenses- Please help me!

    Dear JaiNobe,I learned in school D=1/f. Thats diopters or lens power,thats D and the inverse of the focal length f divided by 1.Example a 4 meter focal length divided into 1=0.25 Dioptric power of the lens or a "quarter diopter lens"- I hope I helped some.
  19. J

    Ban MrGoogfan?

    Re: Ban MrGoogfan Talking and discussion on the computer first of all is very different than the same in person and getting to know the person. I acted out one day -was a jerk, because my son is sick,not the kind of sick like the flu-serious sick .That day a doctor gave me an obscure prognosis...
  20. J

    Ilove green lasers, want one for my pistol

    That must have been hard. Well wishes to you and your son.