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  1. fermintm

    Driver for 488 Diode

    Hello!. But that driver does not give the vote that the diode needs. It is below the 6.5-7v in the laser diode data sheet 🤔
  2. fermintm

    Driver for 488 Diode

    Hi there! I am looking for a driver for a 488nm diode. I have searched but only find for sale for diodes 405 and 445 that have the 4.2v input. Besides the drivers are too amperage for that cyan diode.
  3. fermintm

    Steel host 488nm ~150mW run by 1 x 10440 art pics ;)

    Could you tell me where to get that host? I want to make two small lasers and I love that host. Greetings!
  4. fermintm

    New custom lasers

    I present you two new lasers. 488nm 60mw in lumintop tool Ti flashlight body. 520nm DTR in titanium tube.
  5. fermintm

    DTR missing?

    Sorry for the delay in answering. The laser arrived perfectly. Very happy as always with Jordan. I just ordered another 520nm laser :p
  6. fermintm

    DTR missing?

    Thanks for info. DTR Send my order ;)
  7. fermintm

    DTR missing?

    Thank you all for the answers. I have been in this forum for many years but for personal reasons I am absent. Can anyone post a link to eBay's DTR store ?. I can't find
  8. fermintm

    DTR missing?

    HHi. Days ago I placed an order since years ago I had already bought diodes from this seller. Turns out, she's not giving any signals and I've sent her unanswered emails. Does anyone know what happens to him?
  9. fermintm

    I need help powering 50 mW green laser.

    If you want to try it even works connected to the battery connections in that order. Then presses the button.
  10. fermintm

    My Jetlasers Ti-B 100mw laser ;)

    Indeed. It's a very nice piece. Good manufacturing except power mode.
  11. fermintm

    My Jetlasers Ti-B 100mw laser ;)

    Here you have the pictures of my new laser! Jetlasers 100mw Ti-B. I do not like how to turn on the laser. I hope to make a mod and add a switch.
  12. fermintm

    Holographic Laser Warning Decals!

    I placed an order in which I have included GALLIUM :na:
  13. fermintm

    [CLOSE] Looking for titanium laser jetlasers

    Titanium metal is my favorite. I have a titanium flashlight and although not very good quality is nice. [EDIT] Hello again. I'm going crazy. These batteries are used for this model of laser?. Also you can use the 18650? Try to clear my doubts...
  14. fermintm

    [CLOSE] Looking for titanium laser jetlasers

    I purchased the new TI-B laser. It is an excellent price for the material used. Thank you!
  15. fermintm

    [CLOSE] Looking for titanium laser jetlasers

    Re: Looking for titanium laser jetlasers I did not know who had made ​​so few units. :yabbem:
  16. fermintm

    [CLOSE] Looking for titanium laser jetlasers

    Re: Looking for titanium laser jetlasers Hello. I'm looking especially any of these two. Possibly even one Jetlasers available in stock or out of sale. Thank you!
  17. fermintm

    [CLOSE] Looking for titanium laser jetlasers

    Hello! Buy brand Jetlasers titanium laser. Specifically TI-looking model A or model pen. Reference not remember exactly what it was. If you have the laser in which the module will not work no matter. Would buy the host. Listen to offers.
  18. fermintm

    Green laser titanium and recycled parts

    Sorry. I've been a long time without working with the laser. I'm very busy with my work and I have no time for my hobbyes. Thank you.
  19. fermintm

    1.6W Rifle Spot and Light Discrepancies - Help!

    It turns out that happened to me just that. Was diode window glass that had cracked. Carefully remove it and now it looks like before. I never thought I would break the window of the diode.
  20. fermintm

    Timachine in action

    Thanks :yh: