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    Big Thanks to Rich (Lifetime17)

    Purchased a 1.6W laser from him a week or so ago and he made an excellent deal for me. The unit arrived lightning fast but wasn't powerful enough for the application I was needing it for. I reached out to him and he immediately offered a replacement with double the power (again, at an...
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    SOLD !! , 2.8w 445nm C11, Prairie Fire w/side clicky, $130 CONUS

    Re: Price drop, 2.8w 445nm C11, Prairie Fire w/side clicky, $130 CONUS Does this have an adjustable focus?
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    6/4/17 bunch of lasers:)

    Re: Various lasers 4 sale Perhaps you can help me. I'm looking for a burn laser that can kill pests that I have in a saltwater aquarium. It'll need to go though 5/8" glass and still water to burn very small things like soft corals, worms, etc. I'm reading that a 445nm is the best wavelength...
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    445/Camo 501B for sale ... PRICE DROP..SOLD !!

    Re: 445/Camo 501B for sale ... PRICE DROP.. Take $95 shipped to Texas?