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    Guy points green laser pointer at guy with camera

    The problem is our own Bill of Rights here in the USA. We have free speech, free press, etc. If we agree to saying that it's illegal to film someone that doesnt want to be filmed then the government would also have to take down every camera in public. Traffic lights, police stations, bus...
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    Guy points green laser pointer at guy with camera

    I agree. It's got to be very frustrating. I kind of look at these ppl like the ppl that throw themselves on the floor and blame the establishment for not having a wet floor sign posted. Our laws should better protect the employees but until that happens this will continue.
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    Guy points green laser pointer at guy with camera

    Just want to shed some light on the situation. The cameraman is part of a community called first amendment auditors. Apparently they go around to public buildings and record the workers to see if they will allow them to record in public places. It's similar to the 2nd amendment community...
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    Guy points green laser pointer at guy with camera

    Havnt been on the forums in awhile but when I saw this I was very disturbed that someone would intentionally do this. I'm always very cautious when using ANY laser pointer so when I see things like this my first thought is these are the ppl that ruin it for others.
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    Positive Feedback - Podo and Celticlaser1

    abciswell it was a pleasure doing business with you. I've always met great people in here. It was a smooth transaction from start to end. Im glad youre happy with your purchase.
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    COCONUTS Uranium Marble Bulk Going out of Business Opportunity SOLD OUT!

    I bought some off COCONUTS a while back. If you're still interested send me a pm. Thanks
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    Hello everyone! Bird solution?

    Glad to hear it's working out for you. Just remember not to over do it. They will become accustomed to it after a while. Funny to hear about your neighbors too:)
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    green laser help

    Glad you figured it out:) dont use it too much or they will get use to it
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    green laser help

    Lifetime17 is correct. You can make them fairly cheap. I dont know the situation you have as far as neighbors go but they are very loud. You can also use bird spikes and solutions of that nature that will deter the birds from specific areas. The laser wont work if theyre on the roofline because...
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    green laser help

    Red laser will not work on the birds. I use 532nm and it works very well
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    green laser help

    I believe he said it was a doug johnson build. Rick trent built me a 462nm that is amazingly bright.
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    Hello everyone! Bird solution?

    Starlings are not protected by law in the US. Some farmers and companies use poison to control them but only because they will eat the livestock food. I think it's called Starlicide.
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    Most dangerous laser user I have ever seen!!!

    Complete ignorance. This is probably his first laser that he has ever owned. I dont wish any harm on him but I wish he would learn a lesson and remove his video. If others watch this and try to cppy his stupidity it could be very harmful.
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    green laser help

    I sent you a pm. I would be interested in buying your 520nm. I would obviously need to know a little more about it. Thanks.
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    Thanks brendon7358.

    Thank you brendon7358. Received my eyewear in excellent packaging and really fast. They look brand new.
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    FS: G-2 Lenses, Goggles, Batteries, Chargers, other misc items 50% Off SALE

    Re: FS: G-2 Lenses, Goggles, Batteries, Chargers, other misc items. Buy one get one f Interested in the eyewear. PM sent
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    New Project... And also my first.

    I'm guessing that your parents will be making the purchase for you since you will need a credit card to make the purchase. I know you said you had a 210 mw (red) laser but it's a big difference from the ones you're asking about. Nobody here will sell you that because you're underage. It's very...