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  1. bonesredz

    Laser pointer tripod/holder

    I am looking for something like a tripod from aliexpress for my laser pointer. Doesnt have to be so expensive, just has to do the job.
  2. bonesredz

    Explanation of every part of a laser

    Hey everyone, I want to know everything thats inside a laser pointer to make it a laser, if anyone could send some youtube guide explaining what everypart is and how it works. Or just write the knowledge you know here! Thank you guys!
  3. bonesredz

    3000mW (3WATT) 445nm blue laser glasses

    Hey everyone i was looking for safety glasses my 3watt 445nm laser and i found Eagle Pair® 190-540nm OD6 Slip Over Laser Safety Goggles from survival laser I was wondering if someone knew any promocodes that are valid. And if anyone knew around how many days will it take to ship to Bulgaria...
  4. bonesredz

    3000mW (3WATT) 445nm blue laser glasses

    Hello! I have recently bought a laser pointer from zeus lasers which is a 3watt 445nm blue laser. I was wondering if you guys could send some link for some budget safety glasses, since I do not want to become blind! Thanks