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  1. Gilbert

    BMW X5 Laser Headlight unknown strange diode

    Thanks for the interest guys, so heres an update. Hadnt had much time to play with the diode this week due to 4th and work and such. Hot glued the diode back into its heat sink since I dont have anything else it will readily fit. Started with set current max of 300mA which was able to activate...
  2. Gilbert

    BMW X5 Laser Headlight unknown strange diode

    So I thought this may be of interest to some, I extracted this diode from a 2022 BMW X5 laser headlight that was damaged in a collision, oddly this is the only laser present in the headlight the rest of the lighting is LED. As this headlight is over 5000 dollars new, getting more of these may be...
  3. Gilbert

    CLOSED Group Buy for LPC-815, SF-AW210, PHR-803T, and GBW-H10L - Cheap!

    Re: Group Buy for LPC-815, SF-AW210, PHR-803T, and GBW-H10L - Cheap! Hey, add 5 PHR sleds for me, for a total of 5 LPC and 5 PHR.
  4. Gilbert

    Fog machines

    Its fine, Ill debate it all week. You would be right that vapor is not thick smoke because technically its not, however what comes out of a hookah is a very dense vaporized white cloud of molasses and tobacco. Which in turn would be vaporized oil's sugars and other compounds and is exactly how a...
  5. Gilbert

    Fog machines

    Mine is actually a hookah, it uses indirect heat to vaporize shisha, the bowl is actually a hookah bowl, it has a tower in the middle that the coal sits on and a trough for the shisha. I only use it for shisha, not weed, mainly because its illegal and i have a job that drug tests. If i had the...
  6. Gilbert

    Fog machines

    What?! Hookahs are the best! It is a DIY hookah because you can buy the bowls and hoses for 4 dollars each, the mason jar, copper pipe, and fittings were free. Typical mini-hookah is $40+ and they typically dont hit worth a damn. DIY hits like a champ even with several inches of water.
  7. Gilbert

    Md. Police: Pilots Facing More Danger From Lasers

    I am in much agreement with LtKernelPanic, in my opinion they should instantly add a law restricting the sale of any complete laser >/= 3mw to 18 years of age, just like a BB gun, and no complete laser >/= 100mw should be allow to be sold without a safety training permit that could be completed...
  8. Gilbert

    Fog machines

    Rofl, you're not alone with smoke instead of fog. However this is my method. With it i can fill a house with smoke in like 5 minutes, nice thick smoke and no cigarette smell, usually smells like whatever flavor i have. In this case its white grape. :)
  9. Gilbert

    casio xj-a140 NO LONEGER A GROUP BUY 38.50$ shipped

    Kiyoukan are you going to be selling another round of these diodes? Your online store shows product out of stock
  10. Gilbert

    CLOSED Group Buy for LPC-815, SF-AW210, PHR-803T, and GBW-H10L - Cheap!

    Re: Group Buy for LPC-815, SF-AW210, PHR-803T, and GBW-H10L - Cheap! Put me (Gilbert) in for 5 LPC-815 sleds United States: Mobile, AL
  11. Gilbert

    Microboost Solder Job Question

    I agree, soldering braid really help especially for big globs but sometimes it will suck out too much solder and you loose your bridge. The best thing for bridging on the SMD's is a gel or liquid rosin flux from an applicator and to use solder that contains no additional flux. Apply the flux to...
  12. Gilbert

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    Hey everyone, Im Jake, long time reader (since early this year) just got around to joining the forum prolly cause i dont usually have a lot to say heh. Anyway, about me... Im 22 and i live in Mobile, AL and i go to school at U of South Alabama. Im a biology/chemistry major, use to be mechanical...