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    74W Custom Laser Pistol for your gun collection

    Battery is in the grip, its all self contained. The thing as a beast and what i like most 9s its durrable and strong. The top rail is high grade alluminum and lower is fiber reinforced polymer. You are correct the battery lasts between 5-10 minutes and has a run time of one minute on and two...
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    74W Custom Laser Pistol for your gun collection

    Here is my latest creation. What you are looking at is a custom made Laser Pistol. I will have 3 of these completed and ready in 1 week and they are awesome!! These are very bright. and cool looking. Working on lenses as well. These are very durable, you could run this over with your car Here...
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    Finally finished

    What you see here is a two month pet project custom built laser gun.The specs are as follows: The heart of this gun is a NICHIA NUBM38 455nm 74W Multiple Blue Laser Diode Chip Array drivin by a 600w boost converter and powered by a Spektrum Smart Technology 22.2V 3200mAh 6S 30C Smart LiPo IC5...