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  1. kecked

    Please help me build my own laser safety glasses

    The only safe diy system is one where you use a camera and you’re in a different room. Yea don’t skimp on these especially if you play in the ir or uv region. It might look,dim but it’s not.
  2. kecked

    Using a microwave for metal vapor crystal deposition?

    It’s not like your home oven. Google it there are hundreds of papers but what do you want to do and what materials what do you want to achieve and after assembil8ng everything and spending 1-2 years making it work can you just buy what you want finished? Oh and likely the chemicals you need...
  3. kecked

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    I saw two yellow opsl 577 heads on eBay. One is 8k and one is 1.5k. The 1.5k is in Israel
  4. kecked

    QuaLas arrays (numb12 modules)

    Well I’m assembling a full set op opsl 2w modules with Saturn scanners rygb. This will be my last ever projector. If that’s not good enough it never will be. Just need to get a yellow. I see one on eBay for 8k….nope.
  5. kecked

    QuaLas arrays (numb12 modules)

    Time to horde diodes
  6. kecked

    Tiny RGB

    Will you be selling?
  7. kecked

    How do you guys feel about lasers being used for space communication?

    And a higher bit rate due to the carrier frequency
  8. kecked

    How do you guys feel about lasers being used for space communication?

    Well apparently it works since they got 14 million miles. Remember radio waves spread out too. Lasers spread slower.and from what I understand they can make the communication so only people in like a mile on the ground can receive the signal for security. They also encode the signal so they...
  9. kecked

    Using ND filter to dim a 60-70mw laser

    I think you could do better with a pair of glass polarizers if the diodes are polarized. In the least they will be partially polarized so you can use a less extreme nd filter. Why not just turn the drive current down? you can also pass it through a microscope slide and beam block the...
  10. kecked

    Success shifting wavelengths of single mode 660nm diode laser using diffraction grating method

  11. kecked

    Another Big He-Ne

    He is. I talk to him regularly. He’s however getting low on isotopic mix and helium 3. It just too expensive to buy more. Did you see his six footer down in the basement! If anyone could do it it would be dale.
  12. kecked

    Another Big He-Ne

    Contact hhrlasers if you want a new tube. He has even pumped the 100mw monsters.
  13. kecked

    Success shifting wavelengths of single mode 660nm diode laser using diffraction grating method

    I think you can shift via temp even more. Using temp is generally how 808nm diodes are tuned to match a lbo.
  14. kecked

    Greatest Burning Power, Where To Buy From

    yes Ban him as requested
  15. kecked

    Yellow 573nm DPSS Laser Modules

    If I had the time I’d try cooling one and driving it with a higher power pump to see what it can do. Bet you can get at least 100mw out of it which in yellow is a lot of visibility. My 10mw unit is very bright to the eye. So figure that would just a bout triple brightness is each power double...
  16. kecked

    Yellow 573nm DPSS Laser Modules

    Drop it in acetone and let the solvent dissolve the glue. Toss the diode. Clean the crystal start over with fresh diode
  17. kecked

    5W 488nm OPSL

    Pair looks like copper vapor
  18. kecked

    Make DPSS ruby laser worked!

    So end pumped? What the input and how did you couple? Basic reflector or something special? Hr pass 445 reflect 695 oc 2% 695? Where did you get the optics or just flat high pass dichroic.