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    My new project MUhaAHAahaHa!!!

    I kinda slipped out of my laser hobby for a while till i was at the bookstore the other day where i saw this book... in the book there was a guide for building a co2 laser, well a power supply with a pump but anyway... i bought a 20W tube off of the bay for about 300 bucks and now im gathering...
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    Im back!

    hey everyone! My computer recently took a turn for the worse, and i cant honestly tell exactly what is wrong with it so i went and bought a new laptop tonignt so ill be hanging out a lot more here since i dont have to go to the library or a friends house :P looks like i missed an auction...
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    Anyone here watch Nascar? I have been watching for six years now. Unfortunatly the first race I watched was the 2001 Daytona 500 were Dale Earnhardt was killed on the lap. :'( Anyway, who do you think is gonna win the championship this year? Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, or somebody else? I...