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  1. piferal

    405nm L.D. naked under indiscrete microscope, with good DOF (30 Photos)

    Hello LPF members. First of all, apologize for my "approximate" English :confused: Update: On November 26 I added 12 more photos I had not put any macro photography of laser diodes for a while, and because I renewed my gear a little, I take the opportunity to show you all at the best as...
  2. piferal

    Spectacular video projection 3D on the facade of a building.

    Enjoy. LG Optimus Hyper Facade in Berlin - Long Version - YouTube
  3. piferal

    Carbon obtained pyrolyzing sucrose, an effective anode for sodium ion batteries.

    Main Sugar Constituent Provides Effective Anode Material for Sodium Ion Batteries - DigInfo TV
  4. piferal

    Tailoring the graphene/silicon carbide interface for monolithic wafer-scale

    Interesting article for those interested in the development of electronic components. Here Enjoy ;)
  5. piferal

    A Paintable Li-ion battery, yes, painted :)

    Interesting article, and yes, there is clearly some way to go, but maybe in the future we can easily make batteries of different voltages, sizes and shapes. Dreaming is free :yh: Enjoy :beer: Paintable Li-ion battery
  6. piferal

    Off, and on, 635nm laser diode with photodiode under the microscope.

    Hey guys, Today is the turn to an 635nm laser diode with photodiode and with 7mW optical power. I was surprised by the beam profile, as we shall see, is very stretched. Also say that except the LD extracted from the DVD, all the other LD's emit light from the sides, left and right, this one...
  7. piferal

    Plenoptic camera, for lovers of photography.

    Well, no doubt this model is not up to par, but the principle, though old, is very interesting. Maybe in a few years we have really something interesting for all. But for a start for the public in general, is not very bad. Science Inside | Lytro
  8. piferal

    Photos of an DVD-RW 650nm laser diode, seen OFF-ON under a microscope.

    Hey guys, Today is the turn to an laser diode very different to the already ones photographed earlier in another of my threads. The main differences with the Mitsubishi red LD photographed in my other thread are: This one have much better beam profile. The shape of the upper substrate is...
  9. piferal

    WTB a visible transmission Grating beam splitter.

    I need a visible transmission grating (fused silica, no plastic) with more than 150 lines/mm, but less than 500 line/mm. Reasonable price please, I can not spend more than $20. If anyone has one In good condition and wants to sell, contact me here or with PM. Thanks.
  10. piferal

    Photos of an 405nm laser diode, with photodiode, seen OFF-ON under a microscope

    Hey guys, I asked to Dave and we agree that it is better to open a new thread for each new laser diode, for not to overcharge a thread with multiple diodes, and thus also put links to my other threads. For those who want, HERE you have the Link to my other thread with an IR (808nm) and one...
  11. piferal

    Maybe soon a new Sodium electrode to replace lithium in the batteries.

    Interesting news, especially because the sodium is very abundant and cheaper than lithium. To say that with the growing demand for lithium in recent years, the cost has gone from $350 a tonne in 2003 to about $6000 a tonne in 2010 (approx). New electrode material could lead to powerful...
  12. piferal

    Helicopter flies without moving the main blades, Or maybe not.

    Haha, obviously this is not true, but it may seem :D For those who do not know, I tell you after, how and why they do this, although it is quite evident anyway.
  13. piferal

    2 HeNe laser, one with 10mW and one with 8mW, IMO at good price.

    For this one, about 5 hours left, for the moment very good price, is a 10mW HeNe Laser with power supply. The bad, is a new vendor. Hughes 10mW HeNe Laser turnkey system with stand and 110V power supply | eBay I think this one is not bad for the price, it has 8mW, but has no power supply. JDS...
  14. piferal

    Lot of 8 HeNe lasers for $74.99 + shipping.

    For those who may be interested. They come without power supply. Lot of 8 Melles Griot 05 LHP 111 121 128 & Hughes 3221H Helium Neon Lasers He-Ne | eBay
  15. piferal

    Microscope photos of an IR and RED laser diode, from multiple angles.

    I made ​​this series of photos of an IR laser diode of 1W (9mm diode), from various angles, so you can see their chip from every angle, the layers that compose it, and the connecting wires. And also I hope this photos serve to show a somewhat different manner (and not only seen them in...
  16. piferal

    Project Glass? Yes, I want one of these pleaseeeee

    I want one of these, nowwwwwwww. Hahaha :drool: https://plus.google.com/111626127367496192147/posts#111626127367496192147/posts
  17. piferal

    For lovers of the laser with cats, (short video).

    Cats never cease to amaze :)
  18. piferal

    New Alignment-free crystals Module "mGreen" in a chip for 532nm lasers.

    I hope that has not been said before. New Nd:YVO4/PPLN crystals in a chip. Interesting product, where all crystals are aligned on a chip, and with a very good efficiency. Maybe make 532nm lasers can now be easier :D Here you have one article, and the company that manufactures them with 2 of...
  19. piferal

    A good deal for a fiber-coupled 473 nm laser with fluorescence probe?

    I think for the price, yes it is. But what do you think, guys? Fiber-coupled 473 nm blue laser + fluorescence probe | eBay
  20. piferal

    Lab laser assembly on sale in Ebay if someone is interested.

    Note: I have nothing to do with the seller, I just found it interesting and wanted to share. I think is a nice laser assembly and I can not buy it, but if anyone is interested here you have the link :beer: 2 laboratory grade Red and Green lasers in housed optics assembly | eBay