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    Inverse spin Hall effect: electricity from magnetism

    I really love to hear about new science where they don't know what the application would be. We've learned repeatedly from history that every time that happens, whatever it was will be an extremely important everywhere usage, sometime in the future. (Remember the "computer"?) Inverse spin...
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    Direct laser PCB etching (through Cu ablation)

    This is an experimental and exploratory thread, not a complete project. Background: It is well known to all that there are expensive machines using super-powerful lasers to cut, drill and etch PCBs in the electronic industry. It is less known that the new powers provided by extremely...
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    New Full Duplex Radio Chip Transmits and Receives Signals at Once

    This is the first time I hear about something like this. Very interesting. "New Full Duplex Radio Chip Transmits and Receives Wireless Signals at Once" "To achieve its efficiency, the new chip had to circumvent a longstanding principle called Lorentz Reciprocity, in which electromagnetic waves...
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    PWM LD Controller Design

    This is a help request, not a finished design. I'm looking for a 405 nm @ 2-5 W, PWM LD driver. Since I'm totally new to the LPF community, I've been looking at loads of various designs both off-the-shelf and DIY circuit designs. However, now I feel even more confused and undecided how to...
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    Hello! (New project on the horizon!)

    Hello Everyone! I just discovered this forum a week ago. What I find here is really awesome in all respects. In design, invention, inspiration and professional quality. And most importantly, you seem to never get tired of Lasers. Well, I'm here because I always had a great fascination with...