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  1. madog

    Camera advice

    Hello everyone. I am going to buy a camera for my fiance and would like some advice on what to get because I know next to nothing about cameras. To help with giving me said advice this is what I can tell you at this point; She would like to get into photography as well as photograph our son's...
  2. madog

    Poor taste

    Would it be in poor taste to contact your secret santa recipient to get ideas of what they would like to get?
  3. madog

    400mw rayfoss

    Has anyone taken the plunge on Rayfoss' 400mw 660nm laser? Here is the item number RF660-400mW-FSS If so, what can you tell me about its performance? Was it on spec? Any info will be appreciated.
  4. madog

    rhd- asset to our community

    I recently made my first purchase from rhd and will not hesitate to buy from him again. He answered all of my questions quickly and thoroughly. His build quality is top notch and he shipped it out quickly. He was also very helpful with aiding me in sourcing some other components that he...
  5. madog

    Jayrob=speedy delivery

    As I'm sure that there are plenty of positive reports on Jayrob, I will keep this short. I ordered a 650 G-1. From Oakland to my hands here in Ohio in TWO days! Thanks Jay! +1
  6. madog

    FS: 532nm lab; 473nm lab

    I have two lab units for sale. The first one is a green one that I bought from an ebay seller called Aerospace Dynamics. It has a basic power supply. Once it warms up it stays around 590 with a peak of 640mw. I do not know how to measure divergence but I can tell you that my 473nm lab unit has a...
  7. madog

    RC buggy advice

    I am looking to buy a brushless, RTR setup. DO you know of, or have any experience with Redcat? The Backdraft 8E to be precise. The price point is excellent. It comes with brushless motor and ESC with two LiPo batts, charger, and radio for $300 shipped. Sounds good to me. Or should I spend the...
  8. madog

    Wtb red handheld

    Hello everybody. I'm considering buying the o-like 250mw red or a frankenspliced unit done by rhd (unless he unloaded already). Before I do though I would like to see if anyone in the community has a comparable or better DIY or store bought unit that they would like to part with. So, with that...
  9. madog

    O-like bummer

    I wanted to buy the cute 300mw red from o-like so I wrote to them and asked them when it would be in stock. This is what they said, "please buy 250mw version as 300mw will be out of stock for a long time". So now I believe I will try to ask the community if anyone has a comparable DIY or...
  10. madog

    Help with power supply

    Have you ever tried to incorporate car audio components into a home audio set-up? Well I have and it works pretty well except for one thing, the power supply. I used the best battery I could find which is a Die-Hard Platinum deep cycle marine gel battery with a Napa 12V-10A battery...
  11. madog


    What do you guys think of this? Good deal?4mW 594nm YELLOW HELIUM NEON LASER & POWER SUPPLY henedo Nevermind. My link didn't work
  12. madog

    Flaminpyro's latest offering EDITED

    This is my first review, keep this in mind. Christmas came early in the form of the http://laserpointerforums.com/f64/fs-wolf-800-kit-54107.html. This is my second purchase from Fp. The Tank007 was my first and might be available for sale soon. His work is amazing and he has great attention...
  13. madog

    Another good daguin experience

    I contacted daguin about upgrading my 405nm from an 8x to a 12x a while back and he quoted me a price. When the time came to make the transaction he gave me a higher price. What makes this a good thing is that he had initially quoted me a lower price and when I brought this to his attention he...
  14. madog

    Wtb 445

    I finally was able to get WL to cancel my order. With the fact that their accession number was fraudulent coming to light, I didn't feel safe risking the wait. What I am interested in is a completed build set at about one amp. Also I would like a Larry DFW lens included. If you are...
  15. madog

    WTB; prism

    Looking to purchase a prism and perhaps some other laser effects. If you have something that fits the bill let me know. Thanks in advance
  16. madog

    WTB custom built 445nm hand held

    I'm looking for a unique host. If I had the skills and tools necessary I would do it myself. My budget will be approximately $300. I've seen some really nice units while surfing this forum. For example, I like Flaminpyro's TANK007, and PontiacG5 has some really good ideas. I would like to...
  17. madog

    affect on 473nm

    Will these 445nm diodes bring down the price on 473nm equipment?
  18. madog

    What do you think of this laser?

    It is an "Extreme Laser BLM100 473nm". Any input would be much appreciated. I'm considering buying it because I believe I can get it for a real good deal. Seller says it is unused and offers 7 day money back. Thanks in advance for your input.
  19. madog

    Thanks daguin

    A big thanks to daguin for the awsome 8x. He also sent some other accessories too. Paid on Thurs night and laser got here today:thanks::thanks::thanks: This thing is awsome!
  20. madog

    LPF is great!

    I just wanted to say thanks to LPF because the people here are very generous with their knowledge and time. I'm glad that I joined!