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  1. sassafrass686

    FS: 405 & 635 Twins! 350mW each!

    For Sale: 2 Aurora SH-032 Lasers Violet is Sold. The red one is still for sale! These two are twins aside from wavelength. They both put out ~350mW. The actual output can be seen in the LPM charts below. After playing with them quite a bit I've found that they don't even heat up after a minute...
  2. sassafrass686

    First Green Build - Cool Host! & Pic Heavy

    Hey everyone! This is my first green build. Ive been building lasers pretty frequently recently and I finally decided that I needed a sweet 532 in a custom host. I went shopping around and I found this! Its a nice green color that I figured would compliment the beam. :D Here's another. The...
  3. sassafrass686

    Dumb mistake, Beneficial repair!

    So, about a year and a half ago I ordered a 100mW WL E3. Now, this was before I had heard of LPF and I just wanted a nice laser. Of course, the laser took almost 6 months to arrive after numerous my attempts to contact WL, however I was happy with the quality of the laser and the glasses that I...
  4. sassafrass686


    Hey everybody, Im relatively new to the forums, I just never posted here... I have several lasers, and Ive build two. Looking forward to learning more and adding to my collection!