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    Questions about DragonLasers

    Since the release of the Hulk Ultra series at Dragonlasers.com, I've been trying to do some research into them.  They seem like a pretty good deal, and I've been around here long enough to know that some people don't think too hightly of Dragonlasers, but I also know some respected members here...
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    Post your laser stats!!

    Come on guys, I know there's alot of you on here who haven't reported your laser stats in the Member Laser History Compilation thread. Heres the link http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1192542349/0 Head over there and post your lasers so we can get an even bigger list to see...
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    Location, Location, Location!

    Hey, just quick post your location if you would be interested in possibly meeting up with other forum members for some crazy lazer meets! Troy, NY (right next to Albany) while I'm at school Meriden, CT (in about 2 months for a Co-Op job) Northern New Jersey when I'm not in NY or CT
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    Nova Lasers Nova Series

    I was wondering if anyone knew what "near TEM00" means for the Nova Series Nova Laser. I'm looking into getting a powerful laser soon, and I'm looking between Optotronics RPL, Nova's Nova Series, or a LaserGlow Hercules. The RPL and Herc are both TEM00, and I know that means its a perfect beam...
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    Member Laser History Compilation

    Format is as follow: -Company Name -Name of Laser -mW rating -Name of Laser Owner -Peak Output -Average Output -Method of data collection, if known -Nova Lasers -X Series -X 105 -LarryQ -128.2 mW Peak...
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    Forum Member Laser History Compilation

    I've been thinking about this for a while, and I think it would be a pretty good idea. A sticky under the reviews section with all different kinds of lasers that memebers have. However, they only can get in there if the mw has been verified with a laser power meter of some kind. So, heres what...
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    Deal Extreme Professional 10mw CR2 Review

    I finally got my order in about a week ago on this bad boy. I had about 7 other items in this order, and they arrived seperatly in 4 different shipments to my house over the span of a month and a half. Of course, the laser was the last to arrive. Anyway, I dont have pictures of it right now...
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    Take Advantage of WL "Low Price Guarentee"

    As you all know WL is the only place to buy WL, which means their Low Price guarentee is just a buncha bologna. However, now they have the core for 50 bucks shipped on WL, but they still sell the WL core for 35+SH on laserpointer.com. You can call them out on their low price match thing, and...
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    Hahaha just thought of something funny

    This weekend has been an EXPLOSION of activity on LC, and not any posative activity in the eyes of WL. I was just thinking how funny its gonna be when they get into work and have like a board meeting to discuss how theyre going to "fix the LPF problem". Awww man, I really hope this gives Steve a...
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    My Fall Harvest

    I ordered my Pioneer 112D dvd burner from newegg.com monday at about 10PM, and on wednesday when I got back from class at noon it was waiting for me! ;D Well, I got all the way down to the diodes, and im going to ask a similar question that was asked...why cant i leave the heatsink on the diode...
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    I'm sure almost everyone and their mother has heard of newegg, but for all you guys wanting to try some of those DIY red torches, this is the place to get your DVD burners to harvest the diodes. Most of them have free shipping, the ones that done have like 5 bucks for shipping, and the costs are...
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    DVD Burner Choice

    Hey guys, I know there is a list through Kenoms link but it seems to be a bit scattered, I was wondering if anyone has personal experience with this drive or one similar http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827106078 I read that a bunch of Lite-On DVD burners have good power...
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    DIY Range Extender

    not sure if this is actually something that would work, but it looks like an interesting experiment to try and has the plans free for download http://amazing1.com/laser_pointers.htm click the link and scroll down to "Laser Pointer Range Extender" and click Free Plans If those plans work, it...
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    NiMH battery question

    Is it bad for the battery to just drain a little bit of it and then recharge them? Lets say I pop them in my laser, freshly charged and then use the laser for a good 20-30 min. They are still going to work well, but will it be bad if I pop them out and charge them back to max again, so I can get...
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    Rhith Is Mighty!

    He helped me out, so a thanks and a tribute to Rhith The Mighty Rhith Is Mighty
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    More Cheap Optics

    http://www.anchoroptics.com/pages/category/Educational%20Optics.cfm that link has two links, one to a 20-count lens grab bag and the other to a 10 count prism grab bag, both are pretty cheap, but they all might have cracks in them this link is for brand new ones that wont have cracks, good...
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    So i got my x85 yesterday....

    and boy was it worth the wait!!! I'm not gonna type alot cause i just typed up about a page worth of shit and when i submitted it the webpage failed and i lost my whole post. Anyway, heres the summary haha I got a free Double Matrix Diffraction Grating, pretty awesome, and that got me excited...
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    Best 5mW Greenie?

    I might want to get a nice little 5mW greenie, mostly for sky-pointing and shit and as a possible scapegoat incase i ever get in trouble for my x-85...i mean what 85mW illeagle laser officer, i just have the very legal 5mW green laser pointer ::) haha anyway, i was mostly looking between The...
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    just ordered my first!

    my first laser is now on its way Nova Lasers x85, i cant wait to get it..... seriously, i cant wait, is it here yet?!!!
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    Brand New to Lasers

    Hello everyone, I'm sure you read a million of these posts "I'm new, tell me what to buy" But I'm mostly here to just say hello, and get a little bit of input.  I've always been fascinated by lasers and just today actually, for no apparent reason, decided I was going to buy one.  I did a bunch...