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    Tripod Mount for Laserglow Hercules

    I had an adapter machined to make this pipe clamp (Which fits the Herc Perfectly) fit a normal photo tripod mount. With my bogen pistol-grip head it is a GREAT tool for the Herc!
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    A Couple Pics of My Herc 300's Beam

    No Smoke.. 50mm at I think F11... about 10 sec exposure.
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    The Postman Left Me Something Today

    More to Come
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    Finally Got Around to Ordering my Hercules..

    Ships on Monday! Your Purchase has been approved This receipt confirms payment for your purchase from Dimitry Fedorov. This charge will appear on your credit card statement as LaserGlow.com. To contact us, please send an e-mail to sales@laserglow.com or call 416-729-7976 Receipt...
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    LaserGlow or Optotronics??   Going to drop so

    I was looking at getting a WL, but found that it really wouldn't fit my needs. I am now looking at Laserglow and Optotronics.. Specifically the LG Aries 200 or the Opto PPL 225. I am jusy curious if anyone has had experience with them and specifically who has a better product. I see opto...