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    How do I look after my laser pointer?

    I recently bought a 250mw laser pointer and as I have not made such a purchase before, I need some tips on how to look after the laser. Just simple things like how to store it, what temperature it works best in, how do I clean the lens and stuff. Basically, what the experts on these forums were...
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    100-200mw green laser. What can i do with it???

    Just before I start I want to say that I'm a newbie and this is my second laser I have bought after moving on from a 5mw laser that I had. I bought a laser which is advertised as 150mw. It is a green laser and the it is advertised as a burning laser. I want to know what I can do with a laser...
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    Green laser pointer broken! Help me!

    I bought this 1mw green laser pointer (I know, don't laugh), and the dot it once produced seems to have become blurry and there are several lines coming out of the centre dot. It kinda looks like a star. I don't know what's going on; I tried cleaning the lens but nothing happened and now I don't...