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    DIY 589nm Chat

    I am going to guess its pulsed based on the shutter effect the video has, but I too am interested in the actual answer
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    DIY 589nm Chat

    very cool, did you use rhodamine 6G for the dye or something else?
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    DIY 589nm Chat

    My whole reason for using a $5 pointer is because if you screw it up there is almost no money lost and at the time had absolutely no reason to spend a couple hundred and build a powerful one. Gluing in a little 0.75 or whatever mm crystal is arguably more difficult than having a 10mm crystal and...
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    DIY 589nm Chat

    I have not built my own but have managed to completely dissassemble and reassemble a ebay 301 532nm pointer for fun and to inprove its alignment. Though it was a long nightmare removing the crystals adhesive without breaking the crystals. Dont get me wrong, I am not expecting to build some lab...
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    DIY 589nm Chat

    As far as I can find, the 589 threads have died. I am creating this thread because I believe they are simpler than they are made out to be and I want people to know how they work so we can at last build our own. Personally I am not expecting to fit it inside a pointer housing, I would be happy...
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    Laser advertisement - has anyone done this?

    I was going to also suggest using a spot light, as far as I know there are not any laws regarding them. Little power hungry sure, but better than being sued for all you are worth and more. I have been interested in a similar project but its for personal/scientific use. I cant tell you about the...
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    DIY Laser Guide Star

    Thanks, you have a goregous setup as well. I hope to one day have a tak fsq-106 and take it down to the southern hemisphere. Also for anyone watching this thread. I am going to build just a basic laser for a bit of testing (I assume laser power vs guide star brightness is linear). Trying to...
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    DIY Laser Guide Star

    Very cool, here is one of mine from a recent trip but I am quite bad at editing wide field milkyway photos. The second one is an image from my ccd camera on the telescope, sadly the 'infinity point' is not in the frame because that was in my guide camera.
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    DIY Laser Guide Star

    yes, I have the SBIG AO-8T (now branded as diffraction limited). It makes life easier since it corrects for imperfections in the telescope mounts tracking ability as well as light wind, but it is nothing close to the "before and after" article you sent. Professional observatories have deformable...
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    DIY Laser Guide Star

    Thank you for all of that, some of this stuff is hard to find without somebody telling you about it first. I hope I dont seem relaxed about it all. Wether I do this project or not is still up in the air and the regulation side of it, although a pain, is in a way the easy part and not needed...
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    Cool experiments?

    After looking into it a bit, the wikipedia article on Optical Levitation gives some good info. Like someone mentioned though, steady air is a very important requirement
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    DIY Laser Guide Star

    the point of the launch telescope is not purely to expand the beam. Its to have it focused at x altitude, I forget what it is exactly but something like 10-15km. As for the pointing it at the sky, I have yet to find any restrictions on it federally or in my state. I would have to watch for...
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    DIY Laser Guide Star

    Wow sounds like you know a lot about them. And yeah, when I learned more about the sodium ones, specifically how narrow they are and the need for them to be tunable, I realized it would be a pointless attempt. From everything I have looked at sodium are typically 20w and the rayleigh at the...