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  1. Svenvbins

    Ideas for Hydrogen Discharge Tube

    I just came back from a re-giving activity at my uni and somehow ended up with a semi-working Hydrogen gas discharge tube. I don't have pics because my phone was dead and I left it at Uni to take a quick spectrum somewhere next week. It's basically a big wooden box with a power cord, a knob...
  2. Svenvbins

    45 Deg Dichroic blocking blue, transmitting red & !520!

    I bought a cheap set of dichro's for my projector. One passes green and reflects blue & red and the other passes both green and red and reflects blue. The second one is problematic, while its specs say it should pass green pretty well, it actually reflects about 35mW of my 50mW 520nm laser. The...
  3. Svenvbins

    Rosetta space mission

    So who of you has been following the news around Rosetta & Philae today? (This morning for you Americans, this afternoon for Europeans) ESA managed to put a lander they sent into space 10 years ago on a rubber-ducky-look-alike comet, despite malfunctioning thruster. Was in the lab myself, but...
  4. Svenvbins

    405 nm fluorescence in tap water

    Bought a <5mw (right:rolleyes:) 405nm pointer from dealextreme for just a couple of bucks, so I'd have some kind of pointer other than my projector. Measured it at the lab this week and shows about 60mW, 40mW with the diffraction gratings. Now, I've heard you can use 405 to get beams in tonic -...
  5. Svenvbins

    Pegasus 2.7W RGB-diode

    One of our technicians found a nice tiny RGB module in Germany: Laser "Made in Germany" & http://www.pegasus-lasersysteme.de/index_htm_files/DS%20TIGER.pdf Basically, it's a 2.7W RGB module: 450nm / 1.4W 520nm / 0.8W 638nm / 0.5W Footprint: 123*46*65 mm. Does analog modulation up to 50kHz...
  6. Svenvbins

    Projector abstracts

    Since I finished my projector last week, I fogged up my room again and made a small movie and took some shots :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsqrMW48tAk (Did record it in 1080p, no idea why it won't go higher than 720p now... It worked before.) Laser Projector by SvenvBins, on Flickr...
  7. Svenvbins

    Bestbuyet Goggles Review

    Edit: Maybe the Review subforum would've been a better location, but I was hesitant because of the subtitle "Read and write reviews about specific lasers.". Mods, feel free to move this thread if you see fit :) Since I needed some goggles for my projector build, I started looking around on Ebay...
  8. Svenvbins

    Adjusting Flexmod driver with connected diode

    I bought 3 Flexmods for my projector, read their manual (can be found here) and know what to do to do a general setup. (E.g. set bias current at 0V and max current at 5V) I can imagine however that after having connected all three diodes to their drivers, I might want to adjust the bias...
  9. Svenvbins

    Laser Projector - Finished

    EDIT: For the result, see here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f47/laser-projector-building-phase-90283-3.html#post1327947 For the past weeks - what, 2 months already? - I've been playing around with a laser, set of galvo's and trying to get a small laser projector working. (See here. Thanks to...
  10. Svenvbins

    10W RGB Quadcopter

    This is not my work, just something I found and would like to share. Apparently, some company built a 10W RGB laser show, glued it to a quadcopter, and now is having a lot of fun. Some parts could be right from a Sci-fi movie :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQ6_VnOVN54
  11. Svenvbins

    Simple Galvo set - Requirements & Possibilities?

    As I described in my welcom thread, I recently built a very simple XYscanner with some speakers. I liked it quite a bit, but wasn't happy with the quality. (LOTS of noise, it worked only kind of properly near the speakers resonance, only stereo audio input, etc) I'd like to play with this (a...
  12. Svenvbins

    Hi all! Sven from NL

    Hi, My name's Sven, and I'm a Dutch physics student working on finishing his masters degree. (Yes, optics-related ;) ) I generally think lasers are cool, and have built a small and simple laser-trigger for some drop / water splash photography in the past. Recently, I dismantled an old set of...