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    Violet 405 vs Green 532 a newb's perspective

    I have read alot here in the great LPF community and took advice of many before jumping in. I was really impressed with the Optotronics 36mw 532 green I bought for my first laser. After more study my second laser was a Laserbtb 500mw 405nm Violet. I know I read everywhere, and I think I even...
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    New LaserBTB

    Excited to get my first Violet laser today and reading up on it I realized I'm not sure on the batteries. It calls for 2x 16340 so is that 2x CR123 @ 3v each or 2x RCR123 @ 3.7v each? Thanks for the help Bob
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    IR Protection Question

    I have been reading alot here on the forum and still a bit confused on the more dangerous IR that can't be seen by the human eye I understand the protection from the higher wavelength IR can come in two forms. An IR filter on the laser itself or glasses that protect from the IR wavelengths. So...
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    Looking for cheap ebay over spec 532

    Anyone have repeated good experiences with ebay sellers on cheap Green 532 lasers? I think I understand why everything is advertised at 5mw but my reading here on LPF says most are putting out quite a bit more mw. Obviously I would like to get the higher outputs but I'm sure it's hit or miss...
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    Hello from Central Florida

    Reading alot and learning alot here in this great community. I've been a flashaholic for years and now moving over to some lasers. I've owned a couple in my lifetime and the first one many years back when the red was really expensive in a business presentation pen style. I had no idea about...