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    Uniphase HeNe 1103 4mW. I just got 2

    A friend of mine gave me 2 Uniphase HeNe laser tubes one dated May 1995 and the other May 1996. See pics... I dont have a power supply for them yet... Specifications Min. output power (TEM00) 2.0mW Wavelength 632.8nm Mode purity (TEM00) >95 % Beam...
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    Light beam for burning?

    i was thinking last night.... if you got 100W halogen bulb and focused all the light into a small point using mirrors and lenses could you burn with that? Kind of like this
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    FS 48v Fans

    i have 4 48v fans for sale or trade if anyone is interested in them. only one has a grill and only one still has the original plug. 2 of them have the wires cut a little short (not by me) but you can still attach wires to them. dont really know if anyone here would be interested in them and i...
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    What resolution do you use?

    Just wondering what resolution people use. if you have more than one monitor please specify here also. i use 1280x1024 and have 2 monitors
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    So i got my X75 back.... Now with pics

    after i received my x75 i found it to be mode hopping and sent it back to nova See here my old laser peaked 112.3mW and averaged 93.2mW. my new X75 peaks at 111.0mW, a little lower than my old one but the average is 99.7mW. its .3mW short of a X100 O and they also sent me a line generator...
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    URL Naming!

    for those who dont know how to name a link..... heres how: Take out the * [*url]http://www.laserpointerforums.com[*/url] gives you http://www.laserpointerforums.com [*url=http://www.laserpointerforums.com] Laser pointer Forums[*/url] Gives you Laser Pointer Forums
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    Pepsi or Coke?

    Dont ask why im doing this.... i just wanted to start a poll and this is the first thing i thought of....
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    Userbar creator?

    Anyone know of a "Good" userbar creator? ive downloaded a few but so far they all blow. just wondering if anyone knows of a good one. and please dont tell me Photoshop. im a total NooB with PS. Thanks
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    So i returned my X75....

    I just received the lab results from Nova about my X75 that was mode hopping. they said they will replace the laser because it needs a complete rebuild. anyways i thought you all might be interested in what there finding was.
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    Any EQ2 players?

    Just curious is anyone here plays Everquest 2?
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    WTB Optics?

    Anyone willing to sell some optics? i only have $20 to spend so i know im not going to get much. all im really looking for is a prism of some sort, a line generator, and maybe a few other lenses of different types. i dont know if $20 would cover all this but i thought i would give it a shot. Thanks
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    WTB 200+mw Diode in a Aixiz module

    Im seeking to buy a 200+mw red diode in a Aixiz module or similar housing. all that i ask is that its not one of the diodes from SenKat's "bad batch" i keep reading about. Post or PM with price and "if" i can afford it i buy 2
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    Mounting a diode in an AixiZ module

    How hard is it for a total noob to mount a open can diode in an AixiZ module? i saw someone saying one time thats its real easy to break the diode wile mounting it. basically what im asking is what is my risk of breaking the diode if ive never mounted one in an AixiZ module? my funds are very...
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    Were to buy AIXIZ modules

    were do you buy AIXIZ modules? ive been searching around and cant find any. anyone got a link or anyone selling any cheap? Thanks
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    Light scribe?

    hay i have a DVD burner with light scribe thats not working and im thinking about pulling the diode out of it and i was wondering about light scribe. anyone know what wavelength light scribe uses? im guessing IR or just the red but at a lower output but maybe someone here knows. Thanks
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    DX 70mW Red Lab laser measurements(Size)

    wile im waiting on the laser to get here i was wondering if some one could give me some measurements of the heat sink and driver board. im going to be mounting in some kind of project enclosure like what they sell at Radio Shack so i need to know how big it is. the DX laser im asking about is...
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    WTB Blu ray Laser

    im looking to buy a Blu ray laser. all i care is that its portable, i dont care what the power output is. im only looking to spend around $100 USD so what ever i can get for that price would be great. i was going to jump on the Blu Ray GB here but after reading about how fragile the diodes are...
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    100W 808nm laser diode array on ebay

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=170196000326&_trksid=p3984.cWAT.m240.lVI what do you think of that bid starting at 920US sounds good to me =P
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    BR Question red/blue

    i dont want to sound like a noob (Well i am but thats not the point) but i have a quick question: i plan on getting one of the BR Diodes from the GB here and want to know about the different diodes (Red/Blue/IR). Can you run just the red or blue by its self? and can you run both red and blue...
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    DX 70mW Red lab Run time

    just a quick question I should be getting my Dx 70mW Red lab laser here soon and want to know how long i can let it run. with the heat sink on the diode can i let it run all day or is there some kind of duty cycle like in green lasers i should be following. Thanks Ethator