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    Lazerer and US customs

    I live in the NYC area. I ordered two Lazerer lasers with lithium batteries. The tracking still has not updated from "Left Hong Kong for its destination on January 12th." I am getting worried that it has been stopped at US customs because of the lithium batteries. Anyone order lasers from...
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    Should I order from Lazerer?

    Hi, I know all laser websites are swamped this time of year, so do you think it is wise to order a rifle 445nm 1.2w from Lazerer right now? I am leaving the country (US) in 2-3 weeks for an extended period of time, and would need to have it delivered before that. I sent Lazerer an email...
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    Damaged novalaser x100?

    Hey everyone I was wondering if you could help me with this little problem I have with my 1 year old NovaLasers x100 CNI Pen. Its been putting out its flawless 122.6mw beam and perfect circular dot until about 2-3 weeks ago. I didn't drop it or anything and its hasn't been exposed to any...
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    how to capture green beam shots with a camera?

    I have a 9 mega pixel digital camera, but when ever I aim it at my x100's brilliant green beam at night, it will not see it. Do I need a video camera or something? Is there a special way? Thanks.
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    just got my nova x100!

    well, its finally here, my x100. it averages 122.6mw, and peaks at 123.6mw. This is incredibly stable, with only a 1mw difference! The beam is clearly visible in a lit room. I am anxiously waiting for night time so I can play with it outside!
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    100mw laser cannot light a match

    I just got a novalasers x100 100mw laser. it averages 122.6mw and peaks at 123.6mw. I tried to light a red headed match and all it would do is smoke, not light. I even colored the match head black with a sharpie and it still would not light. I had the same problem with my x125 from nova a...
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    best AAA batteries for 100mw CNI pen?

    I got the AAA energizer ultimate lithiums and will try them out when my nova x100 finally arrives today, but are there any better ones to use? Thanks.
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    UPS Commercial invoice mssing and required for export?

    I ordered an x100 from NOVAlasers in Canada and it has shipped on monday. But now the UPS tracking status says "commercial invoice is missing and required for export". So I emailed nova saying they need to fill out a commercial invoice and they have not responded yet. Is there anything wrong...
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    Has anyone had thier novalaser shipped the same day it was ordered?

    I ordered an x100 from nova yesterday (april 1st), and now it is the 2nd, and it has not shipped yet. Nova clearly states on thier website that orders placed before 10AM eastern time will ship out either that same day, or the following business day, so now according to them, my laser shuold...
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    Will UPS charge customs fee for novalaser from canada?

    I just ordered an x-100 from novalasers and selected the UPS 3-day shipping. Will UPS charge any kind of brokerage fees or anything to get through customs? I have ordered an x-125 from nova a while ago and it shipped via USPS and there was no fees, but I have heard that UPS is different. Thanks.
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    How do I know if NOVAlasers recieved my returned laser?

    My x125 from nova broke so I sent it back to nova, but according to the fedex tracking, it has been delivered to the Receptionist/Front Desk, not the warehouse. Did my package get delivered to the right place? will nova recieve my laser and repair or replace it?
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    my novalasers x125 suddenly stopped working?

    my 125mw green laser from nova all of a sudden stopped working when I tried to light a match. the match did not light, but did smoke a little. I tried replacing the batteries, but that did not work. I just got it and used it for less than an hour before it stopped working. Any ideas?
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    what do I do If usps lost my package?

    I ordered a novalasers x125 recently, so they probably did not lose it, but if they do, what do I do? does nova insure my package or something, because I can only file a claim with usps if my package was insured. on the nova website, they say they have a delivery guarantee which does not...
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    standard airmail from canada to USA?

    I ordered a novalasers x125 on november 24th, it shipped on the 26th, and now I am waiting. it shipped via free standard airmail to USA from canada. how long will it take to get delivered to my house in connecticut, USA? Thanks. Also, how long will it get held up in customs?
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    will USA customs seize my novalasers x125?

    will USA customs seize my novalasers x125? I ordered it last night (the 24th) and according to the website it has not shipped yet. This is fine, as it takes a day to ship, but when it does, will it get through USA customs? The x125 is not FDA compliant, so I am worried. also, I opted for the...
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    NOVAlasers shipping?

    I will soon be ordering an x125 from novalasers and will be using the free airmail USA shipping with no tracking. does the no tracking only refer to the airmail part, or will the package be transfered to another shipping company like fedex once it enters the USA? once it arrives in the USA...
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    does anyone own a 20mw green laser?

    I'm thinking about getting a wicked laser classic 20mw green laser, but I just wonder how powerful that is. I don't expect it to burn or anything (just hoping lol) but how bight will the beam be? thanks.
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    I would like to review an executive pro series laser from wicked lasers?

    I would like to make a review of an executive pro series laser from wicked lasers. I don't know what the criteria Mr. Steve Liu, CEO of WL, uses to select the reviewers, but If you are reading this Mr. Liu, It would be an honor to review one of your lasers. Thank you.
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    how to review a wicked laser?

    If I want to review a wicked laser, can I receive one for free? I see a lot of these reviews on wicked lasers, saying they received them for the purpose of reviewing. did they get them for free?