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  1. 1Nick

    What it looks like to point a laser at an aircraft

    Today, i discovered this. It shows what a pilot sees when a green laser hits the cockpit of an aircraft. Now i see why this is a felony. This is just a heads up to everyone here to be careful when youre messing around with lasers, for these are not toys.
  2. 1Nick

    dogs with freaking laser beams attached to their heads

    i stumbled upon this video. i thought i'd share it with you guys :p Faq04_5QFGc
  3. 1Nick

    Birthday Gift?

    so yesterday was my 16th birthday...im a big laser fan and my dad decided to buy me something that i really want. help me decide on something to get. i dont think my dad wants to spend any more than $150 on me, so what would you guys get for less than $150?
  4. 1Nick

    200mw green from BudgetGadgets

    alright guys, so after a while of looking, i finally decided on what i was going to buy next. i decided that i would buy a green laser ~200mw. so i've looked at o-like and they have a 150mw for $100, but then i looked at BudgetGadgets and they have the same laser at 200mw for $85.00. so im...
  5. 1Nick

    got $100 to blow...

    i have $100 and i want to get another laser. preferably a green laser. does anyone have any suggestions? thanks.
  6. 1Nick

    IR filters

    okay, ive done my research and i am completely dumbfounded. im in the border of being a laser noob and an average laser user, so this would be the extra push that i need. what do infrared filters do to lasers? why are they more expensive? and also, do infrared lasers emit only infrared light...
  7. 1Nick

    o-like cute 150mw green laser

    o-like cute green laser 150mw im thinking of getting this laser, ive done my search but i havent found any reviews. does anyone have this laser? what do you guys think?
  8. 1Nick

    Thinking about getting a green laser...help plz

    okay, so im thinking about getting a 200mw green laser from o-like.com. it is really expensive, so im going to need to save up a bit. i already have a 200mw red focusable laser, so i want to get a green one of equal power, but is it worth it? its very tempting to get the green laser that has...
  9. 1Nick

    o-like laser replacement

    okay, so i ordered my laser from o-like (200mw red) about 4 months ago. the laser dimmed and wasnt burning anymore. so i e-mailed susie and she told me to send it back to the supplied address along with my info. so i did just that. i sent it out 5 days ago and my postman said it should arrive in...
  10. 1Nick

    what are nm?

    ive been online looking for a new laser. i noticed that some 120mw lasers are more expensive than a 200mw because of the nm. can someone tell me why this is and what do the nm do to the laser? does it make it burn better? also, wha does nm mean? thanks, nick.
  11. 1Nick

    Red 200mw Laser not working correctly

    okay, so i ordered my 200mw new style red laser from o-like about a month ago, and i love it! i left it in my car for about 4 days and when i turned it back on, the light was extremely dim. it was nothing compared to what it was before. i tried charging the batteries but it still appears dim. my...
  12. 1Nick

    How to clean a Diode?

    i was playing with my 200mw focusable laser today and as i un-focused it, i can see spots. i was certain that it was the lens that was causing these spots, but when i took off the focusing lens and turned my laser on with only the naked diode, i also noticed spots. now i am certain that it is...
  13. 1Nick

    O-Like new style 200mw red laser

    today, i recieved my new 200mw red laser from o-like.com, it can be purchased here: New Style red laser 200mW /adjustable [OLNRL200] - $44.99 : O-Like, Quality Products, Great Prices it's a great laser and i reccomend it to everyone! so, lets get started with the review! LOOKS the look and...
  14. 1Nick

    O-Like new style 200mw red laser [HQ]

    my new laser from o-like just arrived today, so im just posticg some pics for you guys. a review will be coming soon. the laser can be seen/purchased here: 200MW RED LASER (O-LIKE) overall, the best laser i have ever had! it burns great! thanks! be sure to comment! EDIT...
  15. 1Nick

    Coolest experements you guys have done?

    What's some if the coolest experements that you guys have done with a burning laser? I'm just curious :)
  16. 1Nick

    O-Like Shipping

    i ordered a 200mw new style red laser from O-like about 2 weeks ago and as i check up on the tracking number that was provided, the status of the package has not changed for 10 days :/ it still says that "Your item left HONG KONG AIR MAIL CENTRE, HONG KONG on Feb 5th, 2010" is it possible that...
  17. 1Nick

    Laser Goggles Replacement?

    well, i ordered a 200mw red laser (it should be here in a week or so) and people recommend that i get some laser goggles. i've been looking online and laser goggles are really expensive. i really want to have some for my own safety, but before i spend $40 on them, does anyone know of anything i...
  18. 1Nick

    Question on O-like

    yea, i got another newbie question... is it necessary to purchase a laser and have the batteries sold separately to get past the U.S. customs check? i dont want to pay more for shipping if i can order it fine together. also, how does having the items shipped separately bypass the u.s. customs...
  19. 1Nick

    laser newbie needs help

    hello all, i am new to all this laser stuff and im looking for a little help. i am planning on purchasing a 200MW RED LASER POINTER from budget gadgets. Is there a better deal than the one that i might purchase? also, what color laser burns the best? the only reason why am i buying lasers is...