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    NUBM44 beam divergence

    If wanting to achieve maximum efficiency for eg. burning/cutting/engraving which would be a better choice: 1. To get a beamexpander which would make less power come out of the lens but it would be focused on a smaller area. Or 2. To leave it with just a g2 glass lens which would have a bigger...
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    Questions about a 7W handheld

    When burning stuff on any surface how dangerous is it to look at the dot of this monster? I don´t usually wear goggles when burning stuff with handhelds from 50 mW to 3.5 W so i need to know. TLDR: Does it damage your eyes looking at a dot of an 7W handheld laserpointer ? ( I don`t wear goggles...
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    Can you recommend a host ready for assembly?

    Hello, i have ordered the 6W+ laser diode from DTR`s laser shop for my laser build. Link: https://sites.google.com/site/dtrlpf/home/diodes/6w-nubm44-445nm-laser-diode It`s the one with the 25mm copper module and driver included. (Also has the G-2 Glass Lens included) Can anyone recommend me...