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  1. Shakenawake

    Selling some of my lasers

    All lasers have sold, thank you very much
  2. Shakenawake

    Sabertrio demo video

    Dang I am going to have to get one of these at some point. Watch till the end to see the color modes and effects, including a rainbow one. I read a bit about various companies and sabertrio seems to be the most highly recommended. They even do custom acid etches. Ultrasabers is to be avoided
  3. Shakenawake

    Selling some of my lasers

    Everything has sold apartfrom the jetlaser, which I forgot to mention includes the beam expander
  4. Shakenawake

    Selling some of my lasers

    I do apologize. Imgur is being difficult as is this site with my pics. Im happy to email them to you or use fb messenger though. If the eghemus host sells, the rest are entirely unremarkable and common and I think most people know what a jetlasers unit looks like though I'm still happy to...
  5. Shakenawake

    Selling some of my lasers

    I am not into lasers as much as I used to be and need some funds for something else. Here's what I have for sale. I took a bunch of pictures and videos but they're too big to upload and I don't feel like redoing them, so if you're interested I can send them to you. Don't like a price, make me an...
  6. Shakenawake

    Finally... I own a 2W 577nm!

    Wow. Don't you live in CO? Wouldn't mind visiting some time. That's so cool, and so are your other wavelengths
  7. Shakenawake

    M462 diodes - Where did they go?

    I have a build with one in it that has a damaged diode window, I'd like to de-can it at some point
  8. Shakenawake

    7W 450 nm handheld build

    You think that's big? Lol. my numb44 build has a 2" copper heat sink. Even then overheating is still a possibility
  9. Shakenawake

    Review of the 490nm Copper 10440 pen from Rich.

    Better than me then
  10. Shakenawake

    Review of the 490nm Copper 10440 pen from Rich.

    Ah. yeah I figured the heat sinking would be much better. Rich makes killer stuff. Take care of it. I love copper. Shoulda had him make me a silver one back in March when silver went below $12
  11. Shakenawake

    Review of the 490nm Copper 10440 pen from Rich.

    Did you ask for it to be that long? Just curious, I feel like a build using only a single 10440 would be small like a sanwu pocket unless you just wanted more length. Looks great though
  12. Shakenawake

    Sanwu Pocket Series 100mW 492nm (Cyan) Full Review with Pictures and Video Demonstration

    If you put it in your pocket with nothing protecting the lens dust can easily get on the lens and you will notice. It's not hard to clean with a q tip. I just use a tiny bit of water on the tip and then use a dry one to wipe it clean.
  13. Shakenawake

    + Laser Art Pics +

    Wow wow wow. Sensory overload. You have blown my mind-balls.
  14. Shakenawake

    Hola from Sunny Northern California! New member here. Glad to find this forum. Zero laser knowledge. In need of advice.

    Well, ultra fires arent know for quality. I dont believe 7800mAh. I'm not sure plugging the unit in is a good way to charge them. I recomend a separate charger like a nitecore. The laser sounds and looks very much like a jetlasers clone. You can have one made by members here for a pretty...
  15. Shakenawake

    Hola from Sunny Northern California! New member here. Glad to find this forum. Zero laser knowledge. In need of advice.

    The laser on that site looks more legit than others I have seen. Not 100% though. Traverse mode TEM00 on a 5W blue? Um no. 2mrad divergence on a 5W? No. Try again. Also not the most powerful one you can get but a lot of places say that dumb crap, at least it doesnt call it "military". Also...
  16. Shakenawake

    I have questions for my laser pointer

    It's hard to tell from your pics and description. If I had to guess, I would say you need to adjust the lens in the focus knob. I used to have a laser like this, they're pretty common and not super well made. The lens should have slots for a screwdriver of the correct width. If the laser never...
  17. Shakenawake

    Jetlasers PL-E Mini 405nm?

    Judging by the stated divergence I would say its a multimode diode. If it's the same type as the one i got put in mine a while back, 1W is not really pushing it hard, as they can be pushed to 1.8W(ish). Dang...$350 for that. If it were me I'd get one elsewhere or make one/ have one made. Unless...
  18. Shakenawake

    Looking for a laser as a birthday gift and REALLY need help on what to get.

    I agree with what others wrote and I would add that most of us probably arent too keen on this "for pointing at $@!t" concept, it's kinda vague and gives an impression of carelessness. When I let others see mine, i tell them it has the same rules as a firearm; be sure of your target, make sure...
  19. Shakenawake

    Some questions regarding LC-1000 or LaserCube from Magnum Lighting Technology Co and more questions regarding RGB laser safety

    IR light from unfiltered dpss lasers applies mostly to 532nm lasers. 520nm indicates to me that it is a diode laser, not a dpss, which is a good thing.
  20. Shakenawake

    What to do next?